What is a math hand?

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when you have math in your hand like a textbook or something to do with maths. or when you cheat in a test by writing the answers on your hand.

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

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Q: What is a math hand?
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They gernerally do not, but during scoring you use math. You use math to add up the score and find which team wins.

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There is no such math term. There is, on the other hand, an astronomical term "equinox".

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In school terms, science and math go hand in hand. However, math is everywhere. In the home, food or things like furniture is measured with mathematical units. One has to do math when shopping, adding up prices. In many careers, such as finance, business, science, teaching, workers need to know at least basic math skills.

What is mass in math?

Science and math go hand in hand, so you can answer this question scientifically. Mass is the amount of matter stored in an object, so if you want to figure out how much mass an object has, use a balance.

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science or geometry. Science and math kinda go hand in hand. -Answer 2- (By another user) Other types of math such as geometry, algerbra and others. Also types of sciences. If you have any questions email me at -Answer 3- (By another user) Physics, chemistry, and certain aspects of biology. These subjects are either math based, or contain a great deal of math.

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