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What is a math hand?

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when you have math in your hand like a textbook or something to do with maths. or when you cheat in a test by writing the answers on your hand.

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Why does Basketball And Math Go Hand In Hand?

They gernerally do not, but during scoring you use math. You use math to add up the score and find which team wins.

Equinox in math means?

There is no such math term. There is, on the other hand, an astronomical term "equinox".

How zoo keepers use math?

they count the animals by hand

What things that are related to math?

In school terms, science and math go hand in hand. However, math is everywhere. In the home, food or things like furniture is measured with mathematical units. One has to do math when shopping, adding up prices. In many careers, such as finance, business, science, teaching, workers need to know at least basic math skills.

How many cups in one and a half ounces?

you will have to mesure that by hand there is no math for that

What is mass in math?

Science and math go hand in hand, so you can answer this question scientifically. Mass is the amount of matter stored in an object, so if you want to figure out how much mass an object has, use a balance.

What school subjects can you do well in if you are good at math?

science or geometry. Science and math kinda go hand in hand. -Answer 2- (By another user) Other types of math such as geometry, algerbra and others. Also types of sciences. If you have any questions email me at -Answer 3- (By another user) Physics, chemistry, and certain aspects of biology. These subjects are either math based, or contain a great deal of math.

How tall is 15.3 hands high?

Each hand is four inches.... Do that math :)

What are some advanced sixth grade math words?

i dont no the answer talk to my hand.

How did Captain Hook get injured math answer?

He wiped his nose with the wrong hand

How are watches related to math?

Well in a way watches can be related to math. In order to find out the minutes, you multiply the number the big hand is pointing to by 5.

Why are some people good at math but bad at physics?

Each person has an individual learning style, and just because math and science tend to go hand in hand, that doesn't mean that people will automatically excel in both subjects.

What math is in football?

Pretty much everything but the main one's are hand and eye cordination

What is a good homeschool curriculum?

Best Hands Down Homeschool Curriculum: Oak Meadowbased in Vermont but you can find most if not all 2nd hand(I'm just a mom, not in anyway affiliated with them. We can't afford them so we piecemeal our own but have made use of 2nd hand OM materials.)Math-U-See ~ MathSaxon Math ~ Math

What type of math is used by mechanics?

Ratios when it comes to gears, a lot of small units of measuring for cylinder boring, percentage problems, weight ratios, displacement or cubic measuring of cylinders, limits when it comes to car weight. Physics would describe the type of math for a mechanical engineer which goes hand in hand with math.

How does a banker use math?

Bankers do all sorts of math, from simple addition and subtraction to complicated problems including compound interest, for example. Math is essential to any banking job. Today though, most of the math is done on computers, not by hand or by humans at all.

What is the differences and similarites between math and science?

Math is a mental game with NO required correlation to reality. On the other hand, certain types of math have been found which are excellent models of reality ... and that was done by scientific observation and experimentation.

How do you beat level 20 on were box on hooda math?

Find chuck norris, hand him the keyboard.

Why math is important?

Let's assume you want to built something, measure something, print something, find out how much money you are being paid for being a scientist.... without math, how would you do any of those things. You may not like doing your math now, but you will learn that, in society, the better you know how to do math, the more successful you will be. If you do not believe that, think about hiring a taxi or renting a Lamborghinni. Are you just going to hand over that pile of paper in your hand (that currency which is based on math) without being able to count it and the change you get back. SO, do the MATH!

What is the hand sign for math?

Mathematics:Alternate form: MathSame sign used for: multiplication[Initialized sign similar to sign for arithmetic] Brush the back of the right M hand across the index-finger side of the left M hand, both palms facing in, as the hands cross with a double movement is front of the chest.

Is it true that if you are good at math you will have problems with chemistry?

Not generally true. On the other hand, if you're bad at math you're going to have a TOUGH time with chemistry, and an even worse time with physics. Most of Chemistry and Physics IS math. You'll be fine.

How is math used in accounting?

Accounting includes both basic math and advance math as well.It really depends on what type of math you are talking about.Addition,subtraction,multiplication and division are the basic math calculations. In general, you can still do accounting even if you aren't good at math.Accounting deals with a ton of numbers, but you don't do anything crazy with those numbers. You need to be able to understand them and do some basic calculations with them such as addition, subtraction, division, multiplication, fractions, and percentages. You also need to do some problem solving as accountants face a lot of problems with the numbers on paper.Accounting and math do go hand in hand, but not to the extent people think that they do.

What are some skills required to play golf?

concentration, hand-eye coordination and math to determine tragectory

What is the answer to when you are stuck on a math test?

you skip it and go back or you can think in your brain if you are still stuck then raise your hand.

How come Math is harder than Science?

Interesting. Many might say math is an essential part of science, and without it, science would be impossible, just simply hand-waving.