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A modular elliptic curve is a type of elliptic curve E that allows for the parametrization of X0(N) -> E through a modular curve.

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What has the author Yazhe Chen written?

Yazhe Chen has written: 'Second order elliptic equations and elliptic systems' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Elliptic, Elliptic Differential equations

A java code for Elliptic Curve Cryptography?

While I have never taken on such a complex project myself, you can find a Java implementation of ECC on

What is an embedding degree?

In the context of Algebraic Geometry and Cryptography, the embedding degree is a value associated with an algebraic curve, more precisely with a cyclic subgroup of the abelian group associated with the curve.Given an elliptic curve (or an hyperelliptic curve), we can consider its associated abelian group - in the case of an elliptic curve corresponds to the set of points - and a cyclic subgroup G, typically its largest.Using pairings (more notably, the Tate pairing or Weil pairing), we can map G to a subgroup of a finite field.More precisely, if the curve was defined over a finite field of size q, G is mapped to a subgroup of a finite field of size qk for some integer k. The smallest such integer k is called the embedding degree.Moreover, if G has size n it satisfies n | qk - 1 (n divides qk - 1).In Cryptography, the embedding degree most notably appears in security constraints for Elliptic Curve Cryptography and in the more recent area of Pairing Based Cryptography. Pairings allow us to "map" problems over elliptic curves to problems over finite fields and vice-versa with the security and efficiency issues of each side.For example, given the known attacks for the Discrete Logarithm Problem over elliptic curves and over finite fields, in Elliptic Curve Cryptography curves with a very small embedding degree (lower than 6, say) are usually avoided. On the other hand, because in Pairing Based Cryptography operations are often done on both groups, curves with too high embedding degrees are avoided.

When did Riemann create elliptic geometry?

Riemann created elliptic geometry in 1854.

Is the word achoo alliterative onomatopoeic lyrical or elliptic?


How do you graph Jacobi elliptic functions?'s-elliptic-functions have a look at this

What is the definition of modular?

Of or pertaining to mode, modulation, module, or modius; as, modular arrangement; modular accent; modular measure.

What is non modular bricks?

Difference between modular and non-modular bricks

What has the author J N Vekua written?

J. N Vekua has written: 'New methods for solving elliptic equations' -- subject(s): Differential equations, Elliptic, Elliptic Differential equations

What has the author Stephen Rempel written?

Stephen Rempel has written: 'Index theory of elliptic boundary problems' -- subject(s): Boundary value problems, Differential equations, Elliptic, Elliptic Differential equations

What is called modular programming?

Modular programming

What is difference between modular or non modular router?

additional ports can be added in modular routers.

What has the author P Grisvard written?

P. Grisvard has written: 'Elliptic problems in nonsmooth domains' -- subject(s): Boundary value problems, Differential equations, Elliptic, Elliptic Differential equations, History, Numerical solutions

What rhymes with elliptic?

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What has the author I V Skrypnik written?

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What is the difference of modular programming and modular programming?

Absolutely nothing.

When did Operation Modular happen?

Operation Modular happened in 1987.

What has the author James Ivory written?

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What has the author Eric Harold Neville written?

Eric Harold Neville has written: 'Jacobian elliptic functions' -- subject(s): Elliptic functions

What has the author A N Varchenko written?

A. N. Varchenko has written: 'Multidimensional hypergeometric functions and representation theory of lie algebras and quantum groups' -- subject(s): Hypergeometric functions, Kac-Moody algebras 'Why the boundary of a round drop becomes a curve of order four' -- subject(s): Boundary value problems, Curves, Elliptic, Elliptic Curves, Fluid dynamics, Mathematical models

What is a modular laboratory?

A modular laboratory is like a modular home or a mobile home...It is a pre built laboratory which can also be portable if required.

Who contributed to elliptic geometry?

bernhard riemann

Have you ever lived in a modular home?

Yes I have lived in a modular home

How many pages does The Modular Man have?

The Modular Man has 306 pages.

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