What is a multi-modal text?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Multimodal text is a piece of text, such as instant messaging, blogs, texting and posts on social networking sites, comprising of features from both written and spoken language, like phatic expressions and phonetic spelling.

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Q: What is a multi-modal text?
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How can you use multimodal in a sentence?

There was lots of multimodal media, following the film.

What is multimodal talk?

1st: talk that has forms of written and spoken language in it i.e text and MSN language (abbreviations, acronyms, contracted words etc).

When was Kelso Multimodal Transportation Center created?

Kelso Multimodal Transportation Center was created in 1912.

When was Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center created?

Gateway Multimodal Transportation Center was created in 2008.

What has the author Anthony Baldry written?

Anthony Baldry has written: 'Multimodal transcription and text analysis / Anthony Baldry and Paul J. Thibault' -- subject(s): Discourse analysis, Multimedia systems, Transcription

What does multimodal mean for learning?

A multi-modal learner means?

What if there's no number that accrues the most to find the mode?

Then the distribution in multimodal.

Definition of multimodal transport?

The basic definition of multimodal transport is goods that are transported using only 1 contract between a carrier and the buyer. The carrier is the one responsible for the goods until they are delivered to the buyer.

What is the meaning of the word multimodal?

Multimodal generally refers to involving or providing multiple modes of transportation or communication. It can also refer to incorporating different sensory modalities, such as audio, visual, and kinesthetic, in learning or communication processes.

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Then there are many modes (the set of data is multimodal).

The limbic association area of the multimodal association areas provides your?

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