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Whole numbers

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Q: What is a number called that can be represented without decimals or fraction including negatives?
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What is the only fraction that must be represented by a non terminating decimal?

There are infinitely many fractions which must be represented by non-terminating decimals, not just one.

What is the relashionship between fractions and decimals?

The relationship between fractions and decimals can be seen as follow. Fractions can be represented as ratio of two numbers and on dividing can give a decimal value. And decimal value can be converted into a fraction too.

How do you make a decimal with 3 decimals into a fraction?

You can multiply it by the denominator of the fraction you want to turn it in to. For example, .125 * 8 = 1, therefore, 1/8 = .125. Keep in mind that only some decimals can be made into simplified fractions. For example, .453 can be represented in simplest form as 453/1000.

When you Write ma fraction as a decimals you write decimals Of fractions?

Restate the question: If you can write a fraction as a decimal, can you write a decimal as a fraction?Yes.

What is the fraction 155 as a decimals?

155 is an integer not a fraction.

How many decimals places a decimals has if a fraction with 1000 as denominators?


Why are negative repeating decimals, rational?

If you convert repeating decimals into a fraction, you see that the repeating decimals are rational.

What is the name of a fraction in tenths?


How are fractions are related to repeating decimals and terminating decimals?

If the denominator of the fraction has any prime factor other than 2 or 5, then it has a decimal representation with a repeating sequence of digits. If the denominator is a product of any number of 2s or 5s then it can be represented as a terminating decimal.

How do you multiply decimals by a fraction?

you can change the fraction into a decimal or vice-versa

How is a decimal and fraction related?

They are related because you can comvert decimals into fractions,and fractions into decimals.

Can decimals be in a fraction?

Of course all the decimals have fractions except those with non-recurring and non-terminating decimals.