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Even numbers are what such numbers are called. If they do have a remainder, they are odd numbers.

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Q: What is a number called that will not divide by 2 and not have a remainder?
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Is it true or false that any number that divides another number with a remainder of 2 is called a factor?

False. Factors divide evenly with no remainder.

What is the greatest remainder you can have when you divide by 2?

the biggest remainder you can have when dividing by 2 is 1. Reason is ......if you divide an even number by 2 you will always get a round answer. However if you divide an odd number by 2 you will always get a full number with 1 reamining...i.e divide 3 by 2.........2 remainder 1......................divide 19 by 2 this will give you 9 remainder 1. Hope this helps

Find the smallest number that meets all of these conditions divide the number by 5 remainder 3 divide the number by 8 remainder 2 divide the number by 9 remainder 4?


What number divide by 8 get quotient 7 and remainder 2?

58/8 = 7 and remainder 2

How do you turn a remainder into a mix number?

Divide the remainder by the divisor. Example: 5 / 2 = 2 and 1/2.

What is the biggest remainder you can get if you divide by 2?

1, any number that you divide by 2 is either divisible by 2 (even) or not divisible by 2, leaving a remainder of 1 (odd).

How is a even number a Evan number?

once you divide it by 2 there should be no remainder.

The number you are thinking of is between 12 and 32 when you divide it by 5 it leaves a remainder of 1 when i divide it by 4 it leaves a remainder of2?

26. This is because when you divide 26 by 5, you have a remainder of 1, and when you divide it by 4, you have a remainder of 2

What is the greatest remainder you can get when you divide by 2?

If you're dividing a whole number by 2, then the greatest possible remainder is 1.

Is -2 an even number?

When you divide -2 by 2, you get a whole number (-1) with no remainder. That means it is an even number.

Why do all even number have 2 as a factor?

Because 2 will divide into them with no remainder.

Largest divide no of 969 which leaves 9 remainder?

If you take the number 969 and subtract the 9 remainder you get 960. Because the number is even you can divide it by 2. 969/2 = 480R9. :)

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