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It is called an addend

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Q: What is a number in addition called?
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When one number is added to another number?

This is called addition.

What is called to the first number in addition?


What is called each number in an addition sum?


What is the number you add together in an addition problem called?

They're are called addends

What is the number zero called for addition and subtraction?

It is the "additive identity".

What is it called when you write a number as a sum?

sum= answer of an addition question.. so the number of the sum is the answer.

A number plus zero is called the?

zero property of addition! =D

What is a number close to an exact number called?

A number close to an exact number is called an estimate or a ballpark figure.

What is the number being added together in an addition problem is?

The numbers to be added are called addends. The answer is called the sum.

What is the answer called in addition?

The answer to an addition problem is called the sum.

Is the product for multiplication or addition?

A number being multiplied is the "multiplicand"; the number doing the multiplying is the "multiplier", and the answer is called the, "product".

What do you call for subtracting the same number a number of times?

This action is called DIVISION. The opposite of this, continuous addition is MULTIPLICATION.

What do you call the number that is added to another number in an addition problem?

Numbers that are added are called addends or terms.

A number being add to another number is called what?

A number added to another number is called an addend, and the result of the addition is called the sum. 1+4=5 1 is an addend 4 is an addend 5 is the sum

Answer to addition?

The answer to addition is called the sum.

Why is multiplication called repeated addition?

Because you can obtain the same results by adding the number the amount of times of the other number.

1 plus 2 equals 3 the one and the 2 in the number sentence are called what?

In any addition sum, such as 1 + 2 = 3, the components in the addition part of the sum are called the addends.

What is addition property?

Addition property is _ The sum of any number and zero is that number

What is the result of an addition problem called?

The result of an addition problem is called the sum.

What are non prime numbers?

A number that's not a prime number is called a composite number. It's a number that has at least one more factor in addition to '1' and itself.

What is the answer to the addition called?

it is called sum

What is the process of finding the total number of items when two or more groups of items are joined is called?


Numbers which are being added are called this?

In an addition, the number to which something is to be added is sometimes called the augend.A number which are to be added to the augend is sometimes called an addend.These words are now rare.

What is a number being added to a number?


What is an addition to the Constitution called?

it is called Amendment