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Any positive number can be written as a quotient of two positive numbers or a quotient of two negative numbers. Any real number can be written as the quotient of two real numbers.

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Q: What is a number that can be written as a quotient of 2 positive or negative numbers?
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Oxidation numbers are written as what?

... as positive or negative numbers

Numbers that can be written as the quotient of two integers are?

Rational numbers

What are numbers that cannot be written as a quotient?


Are negatives and decimals the same?

No. Negative numbers form a set of numbers. Numbers written as decimals is a notation for writing numbers. Different things.Negative numbers can be written as decimals, fractions, complex numbers, etc.Numbers written as decimals can be either negative numbers, zero, or positive numbers. They can also be integer numbers or real numbers.

What is negative four as an integer?

In number Systems , there are integer numbers whose range lies from negative to positive numbers. negative four number as an integer can be written as -4.With a sign of minus infront of it.

What is any number that cannot be written as quotient of two numbers?

There are no such numbers since any number can be written as a quotient of itself and 1. For example, pi = pi/1

Is negative 70 an integer?

Yes. Integers include both positive and negative numbers (and zero). Anything that, when written in decimal, has no digits after the decimal point.

Why can't any negative integer be greater than a positive integer?

Look on the numbers on the number line. Numbers more to the left are smaller than numbers more to the right (assuming the number line is written in the standard position). All negative numbers are less than zero; positive numbers are more than zero.

How do you determine negatives or positives in math equations?

Numbers are justified as positive, which is usually written as just a number but can be written with a plus (+) sign in front of the number. (e.g. 15 or +15), or negative. Negative numbers are numbers in the negative integers, or below 0. They are written with a minus (-) sign in front of them. (e.g. -15) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ..::To solve remember these rules::.. When multiplying: positive x negative = negative positive x positive = positive negative x negative = positive When dividing: positive / negative = negative positive / positive = positive negative / negative = positive When adding: In a positive + negative situation, if the negative number has a higher number than the positive (e.g. -25 + 10) then the number is negative, this is always true when adding a higher negative to a positive. If the positive has a higher number (e.g. 25 + -10) then it's just the opposite, it will be a positive number. -------------You can solve these very easily: 25 + -10 --> (25) + (-10) to keep it well organized and easier to work with,now just remember "Keep Change Change"... - keep 25 as it is, change "+" to a "-" and change the "-10" to a positive 10. As a result, you will have: 25 - 10. Now solve. Answer = 15 (positive). If for instance you have a negative + positive, the same rules apply (Keep Change Change) negative + negative = negative positive + positive = positive When subtracting: negative - positive (vice versa), use Keep Change Change as you did with adding positives and negatives. negative - negative, use Keep Change Change positive - positive, use Keep Change Change if the number you are subtracting is a higher number. (e.g. 10-15) If you need anymore help, try asking a more specific question again on Wikianswers, search for math websites on the web, or ask your teacher or college professor for help.

What is it called if something is positive or negative?

Numbers that can be positive or negative include the integers, the rational numbers, the real numbers, and the complex numbers. All integers are rational numbers (numbers that can be written as a fraction, like 2/1), but most rational numbers are not integers -- like -1/2. (2/1, a rational, can be written as 2, an integer). The real numbers include all the rationals, plus many, many more numbers that can't be written as ratios or fractions, such as the square root of 2, pi, and the euler constant, e. As with the rational numbers and integers, there are as many negative real numbers as there are positive ones. Finally, we have the complex numbers. These include all of the real numbers, plus the roots of negative real numbers. Complex numbers are written in two parts -- a real part, plus an "imaginary" part (which is just as "real" as the real part, but is called "imaginary" for historical reasons). For example, 1 + i is a complex number with positive real and imaginary parts, while -1 - i is a complex number with negative real and imaginary parts. Positive and negative number systems are clearly very important in mathematics and in everyday life. They are all distinguished by the fact that they include magnitudes less than zero, as well as greater than zero (magnitudes of complex numbers are more complicated because complex numbers can have both positive and negative parts in one complex number!) There is also the term "non-zero" which refers to values that are positive or negative but not a value that is neither. It is a very important mathematical term since many functions (reciprocals, for example) can only have non-zero domains.

Why were negative numbers written in black?

Because the colour of a "negative wire casing" is black, hence the reason why negative numbers were written in this colour :)

Can every rational number be written as a quotient?

Every number can be written as a quotient.Every rational number can be written as a quotient of whole numbers.

Can every number be written in scientific notation?

Yes, except for zero. Numbers larger than 1 have positive exponents, and numbers between 0 and 1 have negative exponents. Negative numbers would just have a '-' in front.

What are add numbers?

If you are thinking about numbers that look like this +5 then you are thinking of positive numbers. A positive number is any number above 0. Writing +5 is exactly like writing 5 as they are the same number. The opposite to a positive number is a negative number. A negative number is any number below 0. Negative five is written like this -5. I hope that helps

Is a negative fraction rational or irrational?

If it has whole numbers on top and bottom, or could be written that way, then it's rational. Positive or negative makes no difference.

What is a number written as quotient of two integers where denominator is zero?

A quotient of two numbers cannot have a denominator which is zero: such a fraction is not defined.

What are numbers written as a quotient of two integers where denominator is not 0?

They are rational fractions.

What numbers can be expressed as a quotient of two integers where the divisor is not zero?

This is the definition of a rational number. The set of rational numbers is usually written as a bold Q, and stands for the Italian quoziente, which means quotient.

Can negative one half be a rational number?

Yes - all numbers that can be written as ratios, even negative numbers, are rational numbers.

Is the quotient of two nonzero numbers always a rational number?

Yes, as long as the two nonzero numbers are themselves rational. (Since a rational number is any number that can be expressed as the quotient of two rational numbers, or any number that can be written as a fraction using only rational numbers.) If one of the nonzero numbers is not rational, the quotient will most likely be irrational.

What is negative 395 divided by positive 37?


Is meant when it is said that a company is operating in the black?

In accounting, positive numbers are written in black. Red is for negative numbers--money that the company owes but cannot pay. So, if a company is operating in the black, it means its cash flow is positive and that it can pay its bills.

Is negative 34 a rational number?

Yes, because it can be written as the quotient of two integers, 34 and -1

Why is it When the words are written the square root of thirty six the answer is negative six and six?

(-6)x(-6)=36 as 6x6=36 All real positive numbers have two square roots. A positive one and a negative one. The minus sign or negative operation changes a number in multiplication from positive to negative, or if it is already negative, from negative to positive. The same for division. See below:- (-1)x1 = -1 : -1x(-1)= 1 : 1/(-1)= -1 : (-1)/(-1)=1

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It depends what is written in the letter. Hopefully positive!