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Any even number.

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Q: What is a number that is exactly divisible by 2?
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What does even mean in math?

# Exactly divisible by 2. # Characterized or indicated by a number exactly divisible by 2.

Is every number divisible by 2 also divisible by 4?

NO, can 2 be divided by 6........ yes, can 4 be divided by 6......... Every number is divisible by every other number, but not always exactly. Not every number that is exactly divisible by 2 is exactly divisble by 4. Examples: 2, 18, 30, 46

Is 1112 divisible by 2?

An even number is exactly divisible by an even number, 1112 divided by 2 is 556

What is the smallest number exactly divisible by 2 3 and 5?

It is: 30

Is 0 a odd number or even?

0 is an even number as it is exactly divisible by 2.

What number has 2 digits and is divisible exactly by 5 and 7?

35, and 70.

All numbers exactly divisible by 2?

Two is a prime number so it is only evenly divisible by one and itself.

Can 121 be diviible by 2?

Yes, and the result is 60.5 (any rational number is divisible by 2) but I suspect the questioner might be thinking of "divisible by 2 with no remainder". On that path you start out by finding 60, with remainder 1. Sometimes the question is put as "is it Exactly divisible by 2?". Again, technically any rational number is "exactly" divisible by 2, but the word "exactly" has commonly come to imply "without remainder". So be careful.

What the smallest 3-digits number that is exactly divisible by 4 as well as 6?


What least number must be subtracted from 5694 to get a number exactly divisible by 43?

18 must be subtracted from 5694 to get a number exactly divisible by 43

What is the number nearest to 39 that is exactly by divisible 4?

40 is nearest to 39 and is exactly by divisible 4

Is 1254 exactly divisible by 2?


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