What is a oblique cut on a body?

Updated: 12/6/2022
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Q: What is a oblique cut on a body?
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An oblique projection has the patients body positioned parallel to the film?


An oblique cut is one that?

diagonally between the vertical and horizontal

The word used in muscle names that means diagonal to the midline is?

The term you are looking for is "oblique." Muscles that are described as oblique run at an angle or diagonal to the midline of the body.

What does an oblique cut through an organ look like?

An oblique cut through an organ would appear angled or slanted, rather than straight across. This type of cut would show different layers or structures of the organ at an angle, providing a diagonal view of its internal components.

What are Radiological images obtained while the body is rotated are called?

Oblique views

Which muscles with fibers run at an angle to the long axis of the body?


What muscle enables a person to twist the upper body to the side?

I believe it is the external oblique

Is it true or false that an oblique projection has the patient's body positioned parallelto the film?


Which muscles run perpendicular to one another but at angle to the long axis to the body?


Which radiographic projection has the patient positioned so the body is slanted sideways to the film?


What is the term oblique mean in anatomy?

In anatomy, the term "oblique" refers to muscles or structures that run in a slanting or diagonal direction rather than straight or perpendicular. Oblique muscles are often involved in rotations or twisting movements of the body.

What is the opposing muscle of the external oblique?

internal oblique opposes the external oblique