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the midpoint

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Q: What is a point on a segment dividing the segment into two congruent segments called?
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What is the point that divides or bisects a segment into congruent segments called?


What are the segments of equal lengths called?

If two segments are of equal length, then we call them congruent segments. Congruency is used when we do not know the specific length or measure, but instead we are dealing with unknown values. In other words, if I know that segment AB=8, I cannot say that AB is congruent to 8 since 8 is a specific value. I could say that segment AB is congruent to another segment, maybe segment BC but it would be improper to say that a segment is congruent to a specific value.

What are segments that have the same length called?

Congruent lines

When two segments have the same measure they are called?


What are segments of equal length called?

vertical line segment

What is the constitution segment called?

I'm not exactly sure what you mean by "segment" but the Constitution is divided into segments called Articles.

Segments of equal length are what kind of segments?

Segments of equal length are called congruent segments. You can identify them by congruency marks. congruency marks look like this on your line: ---l-----------l---

Name the functional segment of DNA?

Functional segments of DNA are called genes

The line segment that form a polygon are called its?

Line segments that form a polygon are called its sides.

Point that divides a segment into two segments of equal length?

This point is called the midpoint.

Is a segment the same thing as an angle?

No, a segment is a piece of a line. However, two segments that intersect at a point make an angle. In fact, the segments that make up the angle are called the sides of the angle.

What is the point on a line segment that divides it into two congruent parts?

It's called a Midpoint.

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