What is a polygon without congruent side or angles?

Updated: 8/19/2019
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It is an irregular polygon.

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Q: What is a polygon without congruent side or angles?
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Related questions

Are same side interior angles congruent?

Same-side interior angles are supplementary. They are not always congruent, but in a regular polygon adjacent angles are congruent.

What is the name of a polygon with equal sides and equal angles?

That would be called a regular polygon, one with congruent(equal) side legnths and congruent angles.

An octagon that is equiangular but not equilateral?

an 8 sided polygon that has congruent angles, but not congruent side lengths

What are the attributes of a polygon?

A polygon has sides A polygon can have any number of side A polygon can not be curved so a circle is not a polygon Regular Polygon Has congruent sides and angles Has lines of symmetry Irregular Polygon Doesn't have any equal sides or angles Doesn't have any lines of symmetry

What is a polygon with 2 angles congruent and the lengths of the side are proportional?

isoceles triangle

What is this polygon called all side are congruent all angles are congruent the sum of the angles is less than 360 degrees?

The description given would fit to that of an equilateral triangle.

What is a polygon in which all sides and all angles are congruent?

It is a regular polygon

Can a congruent polygon have unequal corresponding side lengths?

No, the definition of congruent polygons is that all corresponding SIDES are of equal length. All corresponding angles as well.

What is a polygon with 4 congruent side that do not measure 90?

A rhombus, (or a square if the angles are measured in radians!), An irregular polygon with more than 4 sides, where 4 of the sides are congruent and the rest are all different lengths.

What polygon with no right angles all sides the same length?

Equilateral triangle. All angles are 60º, and all side lengths are congruent to one another.

How can you calculate the perimeter of a regular polygon?

Add the length of all sides. A regular polygon is a polygon where all sides and angles are congruent, so a shortcut is to know the length of one side and multiply it by the number of sides.

How do you calculate the area of the polygon?

If it is a regular polygon--meaning that all the sides are congruent and all the angles are congruent, then the formula for area of the polygon is A=1/2 ap Here a represents the apothem, which is the distance from the center of the polygon to the midpoint of one side. p represents the perimeter of the polygon found by multiplying one side length by the number of sides. If you only know one variable such as side length, you can find the perimeter and you can find the apothem using trigonomety.