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A fjord is a real world example of a fjord! They exist in the real world.

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Q: What is a real world example of a fjord?
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What is a real life example of a fjord?

Fjord is a narrow inlet carved out by glaciers.

Narrow inlets of the sea set between high rocky cliffs?

An example is a Norway fjord.

Where is Howling Fjord in World of Warcraft?

in northrend

What is a real world example of circumference?

The Equator is a real world example, being the circumference of the Earth.

What world capital is located on a fjord?

Oslo, Norway

What is the real world example?

Of what?

Where is a fjord in the world with a map?

Northern Europe, Sweden or Denmark

What is an example of a fjord in Europe?

Norway is the only country with fjords Sognefjord is one.

What is a real world example of a pentagon?

where could you find a pentagon in the real world

What is a Real world example of conservation'?

Example is too omitted to be real. Example is much more unresponsive

Where is the largest fjord?

Sovereign Fjord

What is fjord in tagalog dialect?