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Roads are an example of intersecting lines in the real world.

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Q: What are examples of intersecting lines in the real world?
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Real world intersecting lines?

I think the road is a intersecting lines do you think that is write?

What are some real life examples of intersecting lines?


What are examples of horizontal lines in the real world?


Real worl examples of parallel lines?

Did you mean "real world examples of parallel lines"? If so, railroad tracks are a perfect example.

What is a vertical angle-?

Vertical angles are a pair of non-adjacent angles formed when two lines intersect. We see intersecting lines all the time in our real world.

What are real world examples of coplanar lines?

lines on a notebook, grids on graphing paper, and the hands of a clock

Is a railroad crossing a real-world example of two planes intersecting?

Not really. A railroad intersection would be an example of two lines intersecting. An example of two planes intersecting would be the ground and the side of a building or the ground and the railroad crossing sign post.

Which is a real world example of two planes intersecting?

Two walls or a wall and floor of a room intersecting.

Real life example of intersecting lines?

web can use it for making building construction machine.

What are real life examples of skew lines?

the lines of the brooklin bridge

Give some real examples of intersecting lines?

If you are talking about lay lines there are several in Scotland and Great Britian, a Scotish Castle in Edinbrugh that continues to Stonehenge. There is an intersection of these lines in New Mexico and in Central and South America. These intersection of lay lines is said to have electromagnetic forces and can be a place of healing the physical body.

What are examples of perpindicular lines in the real world?

Most four way intersections are perpendicular. The yard lines on a football field are perpendicular to the sidelines.

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