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It is called a sequence.

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Q: What is a set of numbers that follow a certain order?
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Related questions

What is a fourmula?

A formula is typically a set equation to follow in order to get a specific answer or outcome. A formula could also be a procedure to follow in order to get a certain outcome.

What is the vocabulary term that means a set of numbers that follow a mathematical rule and are in a specific order?


What is A set of numbers that is larger than the set of real numbers?

In a certain sense, the set of complex numbers is "larger" than the set of real numbers, since the set of real numbers is a proper subset of it.

What are examples of infinity sets?

Many infinite sets appear in mathematics: the set of counting numbers; the set of integers; the set of rational numbers; the set of irrational numbers; the set of real numbers; the set of complex numbers. Also, certain subsets of these, such as the set of square numbers, the set of prime numbers, and others.

What is a set of numbers that follow a pattern?


Will a win lottery numbers will come up again?

The probability of a certain set of numbers coming up in the lottery is equal to the probability of any other set of numbers coming up. Just because a certain set of numbers came up, that does not mean that the same set of numbers is more or less likely to come up again.

Set of numbers that follow a pattern?

This is called a sequence and if we add the numbers in that sequence it is called a series.

What is a set of numbers in specific order called?

a set

What is the rule for adding or multiplying a set of numbers in different order?

If you have ONLY additions, you can add numbers in any order. Similarly, if you have ONLY multiplications, you can multiply in any order. Both rules follow from the commutative and associative properties of addition, and of multiplication, respectively.

What is a 'set of numbers'?

A set of numbers usually refers to a group (set) of numbers with certain discreption or properties. All odd numbers less than 10 is the set {1,3,5,7,9} The set of numbers which solve the problem 3x^2 -7 = 68 is {5 and -5}

A set of numbers that are in a specific order?

order pair

A set of numbers in a specific order?

order pair

Is the set of prime numbers are well-defined or not why?

Prime numbers have only 2 factors and their set is not well defined because they do not follow an orderly mathematical pattern.

How do you find the median of a set of odd numbers?

It would be the middle number of a set of numbers or data in numerical order

What are sets of numbers?

If I'm not wrong, sets of numbers are groups of numbers, pairs of numbers, but meant to be together in a certain order, way. When you say, take a set of numbers, 2, 4, 6, 8, 10... You took a group of numbers that are all even numbers. I guess its that, but Im not sure. Hope I helped in some way :)

What is an ordered set of numbers and objects?

An ordered set of numbers is a set of numbers in which the order does matter. In ordinary sets {A, B} is the same as {B, A}. However, the ordered set (a, b) is not the same as the ordered set (B, a).

Does the order of numbers matter for set form in algebra?

No, Order does not matter

What is the following set of Library of Congress call numbers is in correct order?

WHAT numbers.

Why should you follow policies?

to maintain a set of order in the company

Why do scientist follow a set order of steps when carrying out a scientific investigation?

Scientists do not necessarily follow a set order of steps; there are many different ways to approach a scientific investigation. However, when they do follow a set order of steps, it is because a methodical approach helps them to keep track of what they are doing, and because research may be more successful when it follows a logical sequence.

How do you find out a median of a set of numbers?

If you order the numbers from the higher to the lowest, the median is the number separating the lower half of the numbers from the higher half of the numbers in the set. If you have an odd number of elements in the set then the median is in the middle of this descending ordered numbers. If you have an even number of elements then, in order to determine the median, you calculate the mean of the two middle values.

Why is 2 second in counting numbers?

By definition, the set of counting numbers starts at one and proceeds in ascending order. The next number is 2. If two were not the next number in the set, it would not be the set of counting numbers.

What is an arithmetical set?

An arithmetical set is a set of natural numbers which can be defined by a formula of first-order Peano arithmetic.

What order of operations equal 29?

With the appropriate set of numbers, any order can be used.

To what set of numbers does the number -3.21 belong to?

The rational numbers, the real numbers and sets of higher order which contain the reals such as the complex numbers.

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What is a set of numbers in specific order called?

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