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it is called a motion graph

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Q: What is a speed and time graph called?
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Speed time graph?

A speed vs. time graph could also be called a graph of acceleration. This graph will have a constant slope if the increase in speed is constant. It can also form a curved line if there is increasing or decreasing acceleration.

What is the slope of a line in a distance-time graph called?


How is a speed graph different from an acceleration graph?

A speed graph measures the distance devided over time. Acceleration graph measures the change in speed over time.

How does a graph showing speed differ from a graph showing acceleration?

Speed can be shown on a graph of position versus time, and acceleration can be shown on a graph of speed versus time.

What is indicated on a speed graph?

Acceleration is indicated on a speed/time graph.

What is a speed - time graph?

a speed time graph tells us how an object changes over time

Does the slope of the line on a speed time graph tells the speed?

No. The slope on a speed vs time graph tells the acceleration.

What does a horizantal line mean on a speed-time graph?

On a speed/time graph, a horizontical line means that the speed is constant.

What would be the shape of a speed - time graph of a body?

If speed changes, then the speed/time graph has up/down curves in it.

What is a speed graph?

a speed graph shows us how the speed of a moving object changes with time

What is a distance time graph?

a distance- time graph is a graph that the variations in distance against the variations in time .the gradient of this graph gives up the value of speed.-the definition of speed is speed is the time taken to travel a certain distance.

On speed-time graph the measures acceleration?

On speed-time graph can measure acceleration by getting the slope.

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