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Prime factorization!

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Q: What is a term for finding prime factorization?
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What is finding the factors of a number that are all prime?

That's finding the prime factorization.

What is the definition prime factorization?

Prime Factorization is finding which prime numbers multiply together to make the original number.

How do you answer prime factorization?

by finding the prime numbers up to 100

What part of speech is prime factorization?

Prime factorization is a noun. It is a mathematical term.

How is prime factorization different from finding factors of a number?

All numbers have factors. Some factors are prime numbers, some are composite numbers, one is neither. When finding the factors of a number, you find all the factors. The prime factorization is a multiplication string of just prime factors that will total the given number.

What is the first step in finding the prime factorization?

Notice whether the number is odd or even. If it's even, the first prime factor is 2.

What are the prime factorization for composite numbers 1-100?

finding the prime factors of a composite number

Why is finding prime factorization of a number useful?

It helps to reduce fractions.

What is the definition and purpose of prime factorization?

Prime factorization is the result of expressing a number as the product of its prime factors. It will assist you in finding the GCF and LCM of any given number set.

What is the name of the method for finding prime factorization of a number?

The only name is factorization.

What is the term for composite numbers can be written as a product of prime numbers?

the prime factorization

What is the term factor rainbow?

A factor rainbow, like factor trees, ladders and fireworks, is a way to notate the process of finding the prime factorization of a given number.