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Prime Factorization is finding which prime numbers multiply together to make the original number.

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Q: What is the definition prime factorization?
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Definition of prime factorization?

The breaking down of a composite number into its prime number factors.

Is there an easier way to write the definition for a prime factorization?

I define prime factorization as "expressing a given number as the product of its prime factors." I don't know how to make it easier than that.

What is the definition and purpose of prime factorization?

Prime factorization is the result of expressing a number as the product of its prime factors. It will assist you in finding the GCF and LCM of any given number set.

What are products of prime factors?

We are sometimes asked to rewrite a composite number as a product of its prime factorization. That's redundant, since a prime factorization is a product by definition. The (product of the) prime factorization of 36 is 2 x 2 x 3 x 3.

Is 3x5x4 a prime factorization of 60?

No, 3x5x4 is not a prime factorization of 60. A prime factorization of 60 would consist of only prime numbers. The prime factorization of 60 is 2x2x3x5.

What makes a factorization of a number a prime factorization?

When all the factors are prime numbers, that's a prime factorization.

What is prime factorization of 22?

Prime Factorization of 22The prime factorization of 22 is:2 X 11Both numbers are prime, so 2 X 11 is the prime factorization of 22.

Prime Factorization of 800?

The prime factorization is... 2x2x2x2x2x5x5

Prime factorization chart?

how do i get the prime factorization of 45

What is prime fatorization?

prime factorization is the factorization of numbers

What is a term for finding prime factorization?

Prime factorization!

How many unique prime factorization of a number are there?

By definition, "unique" indicates there is only one.