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21 and 20

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Q: What is a two digit number which has the difference of the 2 digits equal to your largest single digit?
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What is the largest digit you can write in the tens place of a three digit number?

The largest single digit in our numerical system is 9. Once you write 10, you have two digits.

What is the largest composite digit?

The largest single digit composite number is 9. The largest prime number is 17 million digits long. The definition of a composite number is any number that has at least one positive divisor other than one or the number itself (it is not a prime number). The largest composite digit is therefore longer than the largest prime number by at leaf +1.

What is the largest 1 digits composite numbers?

The largest single-digit composite is nine (9).

What is the largest single digit prime number?

The largest single digit prime number is 7.

What is the largest single factor of 120?

The largest single factor of any positive number is the number itself.

How do you define digit?

A digit is a single number. For example: 0 to 9 are single digits.

What is the product of the largest single-digit prime number and the largest two-digit prime numbers?

679 is the product of the largest single-digit prime number and the largest two-digit prime number.

How many digits are in 67392?

There are five digits. A digit is each single number in the number as a whole: 6-7-3-9-2

What is the largest number you can divide by a single-digit number and still get a single digit number with no remainder for an answer?

81 is.

What is 2986.34157 decimal places?

A single digit in a number can have a place. A number with several digits cannot.

Can you put fifteen digits in excel?

Yes you can enter a number as text in which case you can enter I believe up to 256 digits. or you can enter 15 single digits numbers into 15 different cells or you can enter a single 15 digit number in a single cell (this is the physical limit set by the software on how many digits a number can be allowed to have) though it will most likely be displayed in scientific notation unless you format it differently.

What is the greatest 8 digit even number using prime digits?

To be an even number then the final digit = 2. The largest single prime digit is 7 (as both 8 and 9 are composite). The greatest even number fulfilling the conditions is 77777772.