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2 x = 8 + 4x

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Q: What is algebraic expression for twice a number is equal to eight more than four times the number?
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What is an algebraic expression look like?

If y = 3 then what is the value of: y + 8 = ? a number equal eight

Algebraic expression containing an equal sign?

No an algebraic expression does not contain an equal sign.

What is an algebraic expression that is not equal called?

An algebraic expression that is not equal (Such as 3=0) is called an inequality, and can be expressed as 3≠0.

What is the difference between a algebraic equation and a algebraic expression?

An equation has an equal = sign whereas an expression does not.

What is a number divided by four in algebraic expression?

Expressed algebraically, this is equal to x/4.

What is the meaning of variable in algebraic expression?

Variable is any letter used in an algebraic expression, and can vary (change form) to be any number, and one variable means the same number in any single algebraic expression. Usually algebra is simplifying the expression or equation until you know what the variable is equal to.

Which phrase describes the algebraic expression x-21.5?

They are two terms of an algebraic expression.

What is equation in math?

An equation is a statement that says (One algebraic expression) is equal to (another algebraic expression).

How is 6 divided by a number written in algebraic expression?

Let x equal a number and let y equal the answer 6/x=y

How do you make algebraic expression?

An example of an algebraic expression is: 4x=24. it is basicaly an expression with 1 or more operations, a variable, and an equal sign.

What is a algerbraic expression?

An algebraic expression is a mathematical sentence that includes a variable but does not have an equal sign. for example: 2x is an algebraic expression 2x = 6 is an equation

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