What is amstrong number?

Updated: 12/12/2022
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153 is a Armstrong number 13+53+33=153

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Q: What is amstrong number?
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To generate first 10 Armstrong numbers?

which r the first 10 amstrong numbers??

What is strong number n Armstrong number in C language?

Strong number:-The sum of the factorials of digits of a number is equal to the original number.Ex: n=145=> 1! + 4! + 5! = 1 + 24 + 120 = 145so it is strong number.Armstrong number:-The sum of the cubes of digits of a number is equal to the original number.Ex: n=153 => 13 + 53 +33 = 1+125+27= 153so 153 is arm strong number.C program for strong numbers#include#includevoid main(){int sof=0,n,dn,ctr,prod,rem;printf("Enter the number\n");scanf("%d",&n);dn=n;while(n!=0){prod=1,ctr=1;rem=n%10;while(ctr

Armstrong number using function in vb6?

Dim no As Integer, r As Integer, sum As Integer = 0, n As Integer = 0 Console.WriteLine("Enter number" & vbLf)no = Int32.Parse(Console.ReadLine())n = noWhile n > 0r = n Mod 10n = n \ 10sum += r * r * rEnd WhileIf sum = no ThenConsole.WriteLine("{0} is a Amstrong number", no)ElseConsole.WriteLine("{0} is not a Amstrong number", no)End IfConsole.ReadLine()

What are the advantages and disadvantages of oscillators?

The biggest disadvantages with oscillators are that they have to be stabilized with control heaters. If the oscillator is operated in a non temperature controlled environment it will drift off frequency and it is not good policy to transmit over a wider that necessary bandwidth. The frequency on either side of the offending transmitter will be affected.

When is a number called a 'Sunny' number?

A number is said to be 'sunny' when, 1 added to that number, the square root of it becomes a whole number...

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