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It is not possible to add up an even and uneven number to attain ten, or any other even number.

Consider the following a proof:

a is a even number

b is a uneven number, this means that (b-1) is a even number.

a+b = a + (b-1) + 1

2 even numbers added up always result in an even number. And each time, 1 gets added to that sum, netting a uneven number.

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Q: What is an even and odd number that add up to ten?
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Is ten even or odd?

Ten Is An Even Number.

Add five out of first ten odd numbers which equals to 50?

That's impossible. Adding up an odd number of odd numbers will give an answer that is an odd number. 50 is an even number. So adding up 5(5 is an odd number) odd numbers will not give 50, an even number.

Is the number ten odd or even?

Even. If it can be rationed out evenly between two people, it is even, if it can't the number is odd.

Is grahams number odd or even?

Odd - the last ten digits of Graham's number are ...2464195387.

Is seven-hundered-ten an odd or even number?


Is ten subtract two odd?

No. 10 - 2 = 8. The number 8 is even, not odd.

Distribute ten marbles in three plastic cups so that every cup contains an odd number of marbles you must use all ten marbles?

I don't see how this can be done, because when any two odd numbers are added together, the sum is even. If the first two cups each have an odd number the remainder will be 10 - (an even number). Any even number - an even number will equal an even number. Therefore this is not possible.

Is a Prime numbers greater than ten odd or even?


How can you tell if a number is even without dividing by 2?

Just look at the last digit. If it's even, then the number is even. If it's odd, then the number is odd. (The other digits tell you how many tens, hundreds, etc. Ten, or a multiple of ten - like seventy or eighty - is always even. Same goes for hundreds, thousands, etc.)

How many odd number 10 and 30?


What is an odd number greater then ten that is a factor to one hundred?

The only factor of 100 that is greater than ten and odd is 25.

A number that is written in a decimal form is a even number or a odd number?

A decimal number is simply a way of representing a number in such a way that the place value of each digit is ten times that of the digit to its right. A decimal representation does not require a decimal point. If it is a decimal representation of an integer, then it can be either even or odd..

Which number from ten to twenty has an odd number of factors?

Only perfect squares can have an odd number of factors. The answer is 16. It has five factors: 1,2,4,8,16.

What number between 108 and 120 that is an odd number but the ten digit is even?

There are no numbers between 108 and 120 that have an even ten's digit. If you call 'zero' an even number, then ' 109 ' would qualify. But the whole exercise is still not too satisfying.

What is an odd number greater than ten that is factor of 100?


What do you get when you add the number of members in the Big Ten with the number of members in the Pac Ten?

twenty one

How do you regroup 1 ten for ten ones in the number 567?

when you add a number from 3 to 9

What type of number is ten?

Ten is an even integer.

You are the smallest 7 digit odd number your ones digit is the sum of your thousands and ten thousands digits?

1000001 is the smallest 7 digit odd number...

What is four eight-digit odd numbers whose last six digits have the sum of ten?

You can work this out pretty quick; just assemble the number in parts. We know the number must be odd, so the last digit has to be an odd one. Let's make it three: 3 Now we need to add five more digits that collectively add up to seven (giving us the sum of ten for our six digits. There's no limit of repetition limit, so we can simply say our numbers are 1, 1, 1, 2 and 2: 111223 That's our last six digits that add up to ten. To get four different eight-digit odd numbers, all we have to do is add four combinations of two digits on the beginning: 99111223 98111223 97111223 96111223

Why pinion is having ODD number of teeth in chain drive?

one to ten

You are the smallest 7-digit odd number your ones digit is the sum of your thousands and ten thousands digits?

The smallest odd 7-digit number is 1,000,001 .If you also want the ones digit to be the sum of the thousands and ten-thousands digits,then the smallest odd 7-digit number that satisfies that additional requirement is 1,001,001,but it's no longer the smallest odd 7-digit number.

What is the average of the first ten odd numbers?

Just add them together, and divide the result by 10. (For the average of a larger set of consecutive odd numbers, it's faster to use the formula for an arithmetic series to add them up. Also, the average of such a set is the same as if you just average the first and the last number.)

When you triple your number add three subtract twice your number and add two you get two times your number minus ten what is your number?

My number is 11.

What is a square number is less then ten odd and is greater than fifty?

9 is an odd square number less than 10 and 92 = 81 which is greater than 50