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One example is 13/17.

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Q: What is an example of a number that is a rational number but Not a whole number?
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Can a number be a rational number and not a whole number?

Yes as for example 0.75 and 4/5 are both rational numbers

What is an example of a rational number that isn't a whole number?


Is a rational number the same as a whole number?

All whole numbers are rational but only certain rational numbers are whole. If the number is both positive and if the rational number simplifies to a number over 1, it is whole. For example 6/2 simplifies to 3 and is thus whole. However, 5/2 is rational but not whole.

Is 4.121314 is a rational?

No, a rational number must be a whole number, for example 40 and 5643 and 948.

Can fractions be rational?

Yes. In fact, most factions are rational. For example, 4/5 is rational, 9/234 is rational, 1/998001 is rational, any whole number over a whole number is rational.

A whole number that is not an rational number?

Every whole number is rational.

How does a Venn diagram show that all integers and whole numbers are rational?

For example, 0 is an integer and whole number that is rational

Can Rational Numbers be whole number?

yes, every whole number is rational since it can be written as a ratio. For example, the number 3 is really 3/1 which is a rational number. We define rational numbers as those numbers that we are able to write as ratios. However, most rational numbers are not whole numbersYes

Is 43 a rational number that is not a whole number?

It is rational and also a whole number.

Is 0.95 an integer rational number whole number or irrational number?

It can be written as a fraction, so it is rational. It is not an integer, whole number or irrational.

Is a rational number ever a whole number?

Yes. In fact, every whole number is a rational number.

Is a whole number is a rational number?

you mean is a whole number a rational number? and yes it is and rational number. Any number that can be put in a fraction is a rational number

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