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It is an expression that can be simplified to: 3a-2b+c

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3a − 2b + a − 5b

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3a − 2b + a − 5b

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Q: What is answer to 27a-18b plus 9c?
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Simplify 5a-3b plus 9c?


What does 6-11 plus 5-8c plus 9c equal to?

It is: 6-11+5-8c+9c = c

What is 3c plus 5c plus c simplified?

9c is.

How do you simplify 4c-b plus b plus 5c?


Is 81c squared plus 72c plus 16 a perfect square trinomial?

Yes; the factored form would be (9c+4)(9c+4) or just (9c+4)2 Since the two factors are the same, the beginning trinomial 81c2+72c+16 is a perfect square trinomial

Factor 2ab - 6ac plus 3b - 9c?

2ab - 6ac + 3b - 9c = 2a(b - 3c) + 3(b - 3c) = (2a + 3)(b - 3c).

Factorising- 3a plus 9 equals?

3a + 9 =3X(a + 3)

How do you factor 2ab - 6ac plus 3b - 9c?

2ab - 6ac + 3b - 9c = b(2a + 3) - 3c(2a + 3) = (b - 3c)(2a + 3)

Which is the quotient of 12c5-18c3 plus 9c over -3c?

(12c5 - 18c3 + 9c) / (-3c) = -4c4 + 6c2 - 3

Factor this expression Check by multiplying factors 2ab-6ac plus 3b 9c?

(2a + 3)(b - 3c)

What is the octal equivalent of the hexadecimal number 9C?

9C = 234

How much colder is -9c than 9c?

18 degrees, C

What is 9c x 5e?

9c times 5e = 45ce simplified

What is the answer to this 2c plus 7 equals 9 plus 6 minus 7c plus 2c?

Well I got this: 2c+7=9+6-7c+2c 2c+7=15-9c 11c+7=15 (add 9c) 11c=8 ( Subtract 7) 11---11 ( Divide 11) C=0.72

How do you solve 9c equals 45?

9c=45 Divide both sides by 9, therefore: c=5

What is the name of the theorem for f equals 9c over 5 plus 32?

It is not a theorem. It is an equation for converting between temperatures measured on the Fahrenheit scale and the Centigrade or Celsius scale.

What is the answer to -2c-11?

the answer is -9c.

What is the answer to 11(-2)?

the answer is -9c.

Who is the slowest in 9c?


What is the sum of 9 and c?


What is 9c x 3e?


What is 9c x 7e?

It is 63ce.

What does 9c Flr mean?

From what I can tell it refers to book displays. That particular one means 9 copies of that book with a floor display. (9c Flr)

What is the octal equivalent hex 9C?


Convert 9C to Fahrenheit?

48.2 F