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15, 34 and 42.

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Q: What is are the numbers for the Magic Sum boxes?
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In beechey island in the 39clues what is the third magic sum on the boxes on the gravestones?

the answer is 42 and sorry i dont know the magic numbers for in the box

What are the numbers for the magic boxes in the 39 clues?

The numbers for Mission 7 Magic Boxes are 15, 34 and 42 (for each box, the answer is in order)

What is the magic sum in mission 7 39clue's?

1ST one the magic sum is 15 numbers 4 5 and 6

Using numbers 1 - 6 can a magic triangle have a sum of 13?

Using 1-6 can a magic triangle have a sum of 13

How do you print magic numbers from 1-1000 IN C?

There is no such thing as a "magic number". You are probably thinking of magic squares where the sum of each row, column and major diagonal has the same "magic" value.

What is the magic sum for HE Wilfries?

the magic sum is 15 but i cant remember the specific answers

How does math work in magic squares?

The horizontal, vertical and diagonal numbers will all be the same sum when added together.

What is the magic sum on the boxes on Beechey island on the 39 clues?

The first one is 15 and the gravestone should say 6, 5, 4. The second one is

Make an x in the boxes containing three numbers whose sum is 57?

It is not possible to answer the question because the three numbers are not given. Moreover, this browser will not support the necessary graphics.

What is it called to sum to numbers?

I don't think you cant sum numbers. You can add numbers to get the sum.

What is the third magic sum in the 39 clues?

The 3rd magic sum in the 39 clues game is 42.

How do you get magic lamps in runescape?

Magic lamps are awarded from Random Event boxes.

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