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a tie

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Q: What is deadlock on the x factor?
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In the X Factor bottom 2 is it the 2 with the lowest votes?

Yes, then the judges pick who to save out of the 2 with the lowest votes. Deadlock is the person with the lowest votes goes home

What are the various strategies are used to handle deadlock and what is centralized and distributed deadlock detection and prevention?

There are four strategies of dealing with deadlock problem:1. The Ostrich ApproachJust ignore the deadlock problem altogether.2. Deadlock Detection and RecoveryDetect deadlock and, when it occurs, take steps to recover.3. Deadlock AvoidanceAvoid deadlock by careful resource scheduling.4. Deadlock PreventionPrevent deadlock by resource scheduling so as to negate at least one of the four conditions.

What is an antonym for the word deadlock?

The antonym for deadlock is agreement.

What is an application thread deadlock?

A deadlock usually occurs when there are multiple threads running. Let us say there are 3 threads A, B and C running.A is holding resources X and is currently for the resource Y to complete the operation. B is holding resources Y and is waiting for resource Z to complete. C is holding Z and is waiting for X to complete. This is called a deadlock, All the 3 threads are waiting on some resources that are being held by other waiting threads. This causes an indefinite waiting which is termed as a Deadlock

When was Holy Deadlock created?

Holy Deadlock was created in 1934.

When was Deadlock - film - created?

Deadlock - film - was created in 1931.

When was Wedlock Deadlock created?

Wedlock Deadlock was created in 1947.

What are the release dates for House of Dreams - 2004 To Deadlock or Not to Deadlock 1-3?

House of Dreams - 2004 To Deadlock or Not to Deadlock 1-3 was released on: USA: 22 January 2004

How do you spell x factor?

X Factor.

How many pages does Holy Deadlock have?

Holy Deadlock has 311 pages.

What are the different method for handling deadlock?

deadlock handling by 2phase protocol

Where is x factor?

the x factor is now in london