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Lead is more dense than feathers.

It doesn't matter how much you have of either one. A chip of lead is

more dense than a 10-mile convoy of trucks loaded with feathers.

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Which is denser lead or feathers?


What is bigger a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?

both have the same mass, but the ton of feathers will have a bigger volume.

Is a ton of lead heavier then a ton of feathers?

Something that weighs a ton is equal to other things that weigh a ton, therefore a ton of anything is equal to a ton of anything else. Even if it's feathers versus lead or cotton versus cement.

How many pounds in a ton of lead?

There are 2000 pounds in a ton (US) or 2240 pounds in a ton (UK). It does not matter if it is lead, gold, paper, or feathers - a ton is a ton.

Light as a feather?

think we're talking perception here... eg which is the heaviest - a ton of feathers or a ton of lead ??....

How mane bushels per metric ton?

None. A bushel is a unit of volume, a ton is a unit of mass.

Why would 1 kg of lead be less awkward to carry around that 1 kg of feathers?

Lead is denser than feathers, therefore it would be smaller for the same weight. (feathers may be safer in the long run due to health effects ;) )

What is heaveyist a ton of coal or a ton of feathers?

They have the same mass.

How many feathers would be the equivalent to a ton of bricks?

A ton of feathers. If you are looking to the actual number of feathers in a ton then the answer would be: unknown but millions.

Which is heavier a ton of iron or a ton of feathers?

They are both equal in weight.

Is lead or peanut butter denser?

Lead is denser.

What weights more ton of feathers or a ton of concrete?

well...they both weigh the same if there is a ton of feathers and a ton of concrete:)

Which has a greater mass a ton of lead or a ton of feathers?

They have the same mass. They have the same mass assuming that they are together in the same gravitational field. If the feathers are on the moon, they will have the greater mass by far.I AM A GREAT BIG BUM HEAD!

Which is denser a cup of feathers or a cup of pennies?

Its pennies why because the pennies are more denser because it has more paritcles and the feathers are lighter.

Which is more a ton or a cubic yard?

depends on the material you are measuring, a cubic yard of feathers may not weigh a ton, but a cubic yard of lead would.

One ton equal how many liters?

Many or few. What materials? Feathers or lead. Water or mercury.

What is denser lead or iron?

Lead is denser than iron.

How much does a ton of feathers weighe?

a ton

What is the equivalent of 1 metric ton to US gallon?

Can not convert tons to gallons without knowing what it is a ton of... feathers or lead? That's a wrong answer. A ton is a ton irrespective of the commodity. I think you're involving "volume" or cube and over-complicating it. Also, there was a clue in the question. Neither feathers nor lead are generally calculated in US Gallons and it's fair to say the the commodity involved is a liquid

How many feathers does it take to make a ton?

It takes two thousand pounds of feathers to make one ton. Depending on the size of the birds from which the feathers are gathered from would determine how many feathers would make a ton.

HOW MANY feathers are in a ton?

Depends on how heavy the feathers are

Which is lighter a ton of bricks or a ton of feathers?

A ton is a measurement of the weight of an object. No matter what the object is, if two items weigh a ton, then they are equal. A ton of bricks weighs exactly the same as a ton of feathers.

What is heavier a ton of feathers or a ton of gold?


How many kilograms is in one metric ton of gold?

One metric (or "long" ) ton of anything, gold, lead or feathers, is 1000 kg. Sometimes this is called a "tonne" to distinguish it from a "short ton" which is 2000 pounds.

What is heavier a ton of sand or ton of feathers?

they are both equal in weight, there are jsut more feathers. Bot still weigh the same as a ton is a measurement of weight