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2n is 2 times n.

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Q: What is difference between the n and 2n number?
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What is the difference between 2N and N?

what is the difference between 2x and 2n

What is a number if the difference between five and twice the number is one?

5 - 2n = 1 4 = 2n n = 2

The difference between two numbers is 32 Marcel added some number to the first number and then subtracted the same number to the second number what wopuld be the difference between the two new?

32 - 2n, if n was added to the smaller of the original two. 32 + 2n, if n was added to the larger of the original two.

A sum of a number and twice its number?

If the number is n, then twice the number is 2n and the sum of the two is n + 2n = 3n.

What is the difference o 2 times a number and 6?

The difference of 2 times a number "n" and 6 2n-6

Is 2n a whole number?

The answer depends on n. If n is an integer or half on integer then 2n is a whole number; if not, then it isn't.

What is true of meiosis n to n n to 2n 2n to n or 2n to 2n?

n to n

Can you express every odd prime number as the difference of two square numbers?

All odd numbers are in the form of (2n + 1) form some integer n. (2n + 1) can be expanded into (n+1)^2 + n^2, which is the difference of two squares.

How do you get 9 from 2n plus 4?

'n' can be any number, but when applied to (2n + 4), n = 2.5

Which of these is true of meiosis A n n B n 2n C 2n n D2n 2n?

it is 2n -n because in meiosis a diploid 2n becomes a haploid n.

What is twice a number?

Twice the number n is 2n.

What does the term 2N mean?

2n is the diploid number. It double the number of chromosomes present in a genome. 2n represents the number of chromosomes in a somatic cell. The number n is called the haploid number. n represents the number of chromosomes present in a germ cell

Which or these is true of meiosis n n n 2n 2n n 2n 2n?

Meiosis produces haploid gametes which have the ' n ' symbol.

Twice what number is equal to three times that number?

let the number be n. Then: 2n = 3n ⇒ 2n - 2n = 3n - 2n ⇒ 0 = n ie, the number is zero.

What is the difference between a haploid cell and a diploid cell-?

Haploid cells are n i.e. they have have numbers of chromosome while diploid cells are 2n i.e. they have full number of chromosomes.

Why does an even number plus to odd number equal to odd?

Any even number can be written in the form 2n for some natural number n.Any odd number can be written as 2n+1 for a natural number nNow add an even to an odd.2n+2n+1=4n+1 which is 2(2n)+1 and this is the form for an odd number.

Five less than twice a number is 7?

If the number is N then 2N - 5 = 7 then 2N = 12 so that N = 6

What is the difference of a positive integer n and twice its absolute value?

Since n is positive, |n| = n, so you have 2n - n = n. The difference is n.

E n is an even-number function Find E9 when En equals 2n?

If n = 9 then 2n must be 18.

What are the consecutive even number?

They are numbers of the form 2n and 2n+2 where n is any integer.

What expression represents twice a number n plus three?

twice a number n is 2n plus 3 is + 3 → twice a number n plus 3 is 2n + 3.

How do you write the difference between a number and one third of the number?

n - n/3

What is twice the difference of a number and four is negative eight?

The corresponding equation, is solve n when :- 2(n - 4) = -8 2n - 8 = -8 2n = -8 + 8 = 0 n = 0

What is the first 3 terms if the nth term is 2n?

n = 1, 2n = 2 n = 2, 2n = 4 n = 3, 2n = 6 2, 4, 6, ..., 2n where n = 1, 2, 3, ... This is an arithmetic sequence, where the first term is 2 and the common difference is 2.

The difference between n and N in statistics?

n is number of moles per unit length and N is number of moles.