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Q: What is does grade achieved mean?
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Can you make sentence with achieved?

yes you can: The mother was proud her son achieved a high grade at school.

Can lower grade of SS steel be used for making higher grade of SS steel?

Yes, higher grade stainless is achieved by cold working a lower grade stainless steel

What does discriminate agianst mean?

To discriminate against someone is to unfairly judge them. Normally the passing grade for an exam might be 70% but because I don't like you for some reason I am going to fail you, even though you achieved a grade of 75% and I passed other people with a lower grade than yours. I am discriminating against you.

What does a 4.0 GPA mean in terms of grades?

Typically, within the United States, most all schools grade on a 4.0 scale with 4.0 being the highest. Thus, a 4.0 is equivalent to a letter grade of A.

What does NaN mean grade point average mean?

Not applicable . No grade.

What does the expression 'it's in the bag' mean?

The objective was achieved.

What karate level is Alex Rider?

He is a first grade dan in other words he is a black belt. he achieved this level when he was 13

What is the highest rank in Halo 3?

the highest rank is general grade 4 witch is achieved at 50 high skill or 5000xp.

Who achieved calculus?

If you mean "who invented calculus", then Isaac Newton and Gottfried Leibniz both developed it independently.

What grade is cady in during the movie mean girls?

8th grade

What does f grade mean in Toyota premio 1500cc?

highest grade

What do you need for eighth grade?

what do you mean exactlly because im in 8th grade too but i don't know what you mean