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It is 13

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Q: What is double six and a half?
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What is double three quarters?

Six quarters or one and a half

How many double-spaced pages is 2100 words?

about six and a half pages

How do you write 6 and a half thousand in figures?

Six and a half thousand is 6,500.

How many inches are in six and one half?

six and one half

How many halves are there in half of six?

half of six is three -so there are six halves in three.

When did Les Double Six end?

Les Double Six ended in 1966.

When was Les Double Six created?

Les Double Six was created in 1959.

How much is a half dozen?

A dozen is twelve; a half dozen is therefore six.

What are synonyms for number six?

six, 6, vi, half a dozen, half-dozen

Can you substitute a half double crochet for a double crochet?

Not exactly, the size of the stitch is different because the half double crotchet is well, smaller than the double. Notice the word "half?" point is, if you have a pattern and it says 6 rows of double crotchet and you do 6 rows of half double crotchet, the size will be different.

The double of one half of 11 is what?

11. The double of one half is what you started with.

How do you use doubling to multiply six times seven?

7x6 double 6=12 half 7=3 double 12=24 half 3=1 Add 6+12+ 24=42

How do you draw six fourths?

Six fourths = one and a half.

If a hen and a half lays an egg and a half in a day and a half how many eggs would six hens lay in six days?


What half of 13 and a half?

6.75, or six and three fourths.

When did Double Six Tragedy happen?

Double Six Tragedy happened on 1976-06-06.

What is the half-life of an isotope decreased to one-half its original amount in six days?

six days

Double my number I'm less than a score half of my number is less than four Add one to my double when bakers are near days of the week are still greater I fear who am I?

I'm six.

How many spots on double six pack dominos?

on a double six pack of dominos there are 168 spots

How is six out of six equal to one half?

it isn't

What is double the half of one and a half?

half No. It is one and a half.

How do you find 75 percent?

you double you questoion then you half it then you double it again then you half again is wrong

What is six and four fifths rounded to the nearest half?

Six and four fifths rounded to the nearest half is seven.

What is four and one third times one and one half?

six and three sixths or six and one half

What is six and a half as a whole number?

Six and a half is an improper fraction. It is not a whole number and cannot be made into one.