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'e' is an imaginary number, multiplied by anything gives an imaginary result

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Q: What is e to the power of you times pi?
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Is a power a whole number?

Not necessarily. i times pi is not a whole number, and yet e to the power of i times pi is equal to -1.

How do you answer E squared times 2 to the 5th power times 3 divided by 6 to the 7th power times 3 minus 4 squared times pi equals 42?

The answer depends on what the question is!

How can you make rational of i power i?

It is NOT rational, but it IS real.Start with Euler's formula: e^ix = cos(x) + i*sin(x) for all x.When x = pi/2,e^(i*pi/2) = cos(pi/2) + i*sin(pi/2) = 0 + i*1 = ior i = e^(i*pi/2)Raising both sides to the power i givesi^i = e^[i*(i*pi/2)] = e^[i*i*pi/2]and since i*i = -1,i^i = e^(-pi/2) = 0.20788, approx.

How do you manually calculate i to the power of i?

i (taken to be sqrt(-1) for this question) requires that you know a bit about writing complex numbers. i = e^(i*pi/2) so i^i = (e^(i*pi/2))^i which equals e^(i*i*pi/2) since i*i = -1 we get e^(-pi/2) so i^i = e^(-pi/2) which is roughly .207879576

What is 4 times pi times 6 to second power?

you said 4 pi times 6 to the second power.thats 452.38934236

What is e to the power if i pi?

-1. It is a version of Euler's formula.

What is pi r squared times three to the fourth power?

(pi) R2 x 34 = 81 pi R2

What is pi to the third power?

Pie is equal to 3.14 and to the third power is 3.14 times 3.14 times 3.14.

What is 6 x pi to the power 5?

mass of proton is 6 x pi raised to power 5 times mass of electron

Why is it that e to the power of i pi equals -1?

Because Euler proved it! (No, I can't!)

How do you manually calculate i raised to the power of i?

by euler: i=ei(pi)/2 therifore ii = (ei(pi)/2)i=ei^2(pi)/2=e-(pi)/2 ~0.208

What does e raised to the i times pi equal?

-1. This is a result of Euler's formula.