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If: f/7 -8 = 2

Then: f = 70

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Q: What is f divided by 7-8 equals 2?
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What does the variables P equals F divided by A mean?

Pressure equals force divided by area.

What is the f of x which equals 7 divided by x?

It is f(x) = 7/x.

Find f prime of x if f of x equals 1 divided by x plus 2?

Apply the reciprocal rule: If f(x) = 1/h(x) then f'(x) = -h'(x)/(h(x))^2

If f x equals sin2 x then f pi over 2 equals?

it equals 1

An objects acceleration equals the net force on the object divided by what?

An objects acceleration equals the net force on the object divided by it's mass. F=MA

Solve for a in F equals kma?

a = F divided by km

What is 78 F in Celsius?

78 F = 25.55... C

According to the Remainder theorem the remainder of the problem in which a polynomial F x is divided by the binomial x - a equals?


If fx equals 2x plus 5 find f a plus h minus f a divided h?

It is [(2a+2h+5) - (2a+5)]/h = 2h/h = 2

Let the function f be defined by f x equals x 2 plus 18 If m is a positive number such that f 2m equals 2 f m what is the value of m?


If B plus P plus F equals 24 what are the values of Q and T A plus B equals Z Z plus P equals T T plus A equals F F plus S equals Q Q-T equals 7?


What is the period of the function f of x equals cos2x a. 1 half b. pi divided by 2 c. pi d. 2?

the answer is c, pi

The domain of f equals x equals 2 divided 5 to x is all negative numbers?


Is the function f of x equals one divided by x an example of a rational function?


How do you evaluate f x equals 3x plus 2 at f 2?

if f(x) = 3x + 2 and you're looking for f(2), just plug in 2 for x: f(2) = 3(2) + 2 = 6 + 2 = 8.

What is -78 degrees Fahrenheit in Celsius?

-78 °F is equal to about - 61.1 °C The conversion formula is C = 5/9 (F - 32). (Fahrenheit temperature less 32 degrees, multiplied by 5 then divided by 9)

How many f orbitals have the value n equals 2?


When f(x) is divided by x-1 and x plus 2 the remainders are 4 and -2 respectively. Hence find the remainder when f(x) is divided by x2 plus x-2?

The answer is indeterminate because the degree of f(x) is not specified.

If fx equals x2 then fx-1 equals?


What is f divided by 10?

That depends on the value of f.

Newton's second law equation a equals?

Newton's 2nd law is F = ma, Force equals mass times accelerationso a = F/m, acceleration is equal to force divided by mass

How do you turn 78 f convert it into kelvins?

(F + 459.67) times 5/9 78 F = 298.706 K

F x equals -5x then f -3 equals?


If f of x equals x divided by x minus one then what is the inverse?


How many degrees Fahrenheit is 78 degrees celsius?

78 C = 32 +(78 x 1.8) F