What is faraday constant?

Updated: 12/20/2022
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•96485 coulomb/mol of electrons (for J)

•23054 C/mol (for Cal)

•23.054 C/mol (for kCal)

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Q: What is faraday constant?
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How do you convert moles to Faraday constant?

The Faraday constant is the product between Avogadro number and the electrical charge.

What did Micheal Faraday discovered?

He discovered Faraday's law of induction, electrochemistry, Faraday effect, Faraday cage, Faraday constant, Faraday cup, Faraday's laws of electrolysis, Faraday's paradox, Faraday rota, Faraday efficiency effect, Faraday wave, and lines of force.

what is the symbol of Faraday constant?


Who was Michael Farady?

Michael Faraday was a physicist that is credited with defining Faraday's constant (which defines the electric charge in 1 mole of electrons).

Factors that affect Faraday's constant?

rundi k bache, mujh se kyun pooch raha hai

Is there a relation between Faraday's constant and current density?

i=F*sum(zi*Ci) where, i is the current density, F is Faradya's constant, zi is the velence of species i, Ci is the concentration

Was anything named after Michael Faraday?

The Faraday cage was invented and named after Michael Faraday.

What nicknames does Hayden Faraday go by?

Hayden Faraday goes by Hayden Nikolas Faraday.

What were the names of Michael Faraday's brothers and sisters?

Michael faraday actually had at least one brother and two sisters with the youngist dieing at a young age.

Who discovered the properties of electromagnetism?

faraday faraday

Who are the parents of Michael Faraday?

james faraday...

Is dan faraday related to Michael faraday?

No he is not