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A finite set is a set that has numbers you can count. Its not like infinite with no end it has an end.

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Q: What is finite sets?
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What are finite sets?

They are sets with a finite number of elements. For example the days of the week, or the 12 months of the year. Modular arithmetic is based on finite sets.

Is the union of finite countable sets finite?


Give you examples of finite sets of numbers?


What is the two kind of sets?

Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

What is the kinds of set?

Closed sets and open sets, or finite and infinite sets.

What are sets of finite?

They are numbers that terminate.

What are kind of set?

There are finite sets, countably infinite sets and uncountably infinite sets.

Can finite sets could be infinite sets?

The way I understand it, a finite set can not be an infinite set, because if it were an infinite set, then it would not be a finite set, and the original premise would be violated.

What is the five finite set?

There are not just five finite sets, there are infinitely many. {1} {1,2} {2, water} {red, dog, dream} {sdf. csfk. dfo, df, gfpo} are five finite sets.

What are the two kinds of set notations?

finite and infinite sets

How to determine the number of subsets of the given sets?

If the set is of finite order, that is, it has a finite number of elements, n, then the number of subsets is 2n.

What is the kinds of sets?

One classification is: finite, countably infinite and uncountably infinite.

Kinds of sets and its example?

Sets are collection of distinct objects. In mathematics there are different types of sets like Finite set, Infinite set, Universal set, subset, equal set, equivalent set. Example of Finite set {1,2,3,4}. Infinite set:{1,2,3....}.

What are the examples of finite sets?

The positive integers less than 100 are a finite set. The positive integers greater than 100 are an infinite set.

What are kinds of sets according to number of elements what are kinds of sets according to number of elements?

Finite, countably infinite and uncountably infinite.

What do you call a set of numbers with an exact number of points?

This is called a discrete set (all points isolated) or a finite set. Finite sets are always discrete.

What is an example of a finite set?

There are any number of finite sets. Some are: the number of seats on a bus, the number of bees in a hive, and the number grains of rice in a ton of the grain.

What are the finite or infinite sets?

A finite set is one containing a finite number of distinct elements. The elements can be put into a 1-to-1 relationship with a proper subset of counting numbers. An infinite set is one which contains an infinite number of elements.

Is counting measure indeed a measure and is this always sigma-finite?

It is a measure, but it isn't always sigma-finite. Take your space X = [0,1], and u = counting measure if u(E) < infinity, then E is a finite set, but there is no way to cover the uncountable set [0,1] by a countable collection of finite sets.

What is the cardinality of a union of two infinite sets?

The cardinality of finite sets are the number of elements included in them however, union of infinite sets can be different as it includes the matching of two different sets one by one and finding a solution by matching the same amount of elements in those sets.

What are the examples of finite and infinite sets in your daily life?

The set of your friends is finite. The set of counting numbers (part of which you will use to count your friends) is infinite.

Prove that a finite cartesian product of countable sets is countable?

here is the proof:

What are the kinds of sets according to number of elements?

One possible classification is finite, countably infinite and uncountably infinite.

Cartesian product of sets A and B is finite then does it follow that A and B are finite?

The number of elements in a Cartesian product is equal to the product in the number of elements of each set. The idea of a Cartesian product is that you combine each element from set A with each element from set B. If the product set (the Cartesian product) of sets A and B has a finite number of elements, this may be due to the fact that both A and B are finite. However, there is another possibility: that one of the sets, for example, set A, has zero elements, and the other is infinite. In this case, the Cartesian product would also have zero elements.

What are the kinds of sets and definition?

1]empty set 2]singleton set 3]finite set 4]infinite set >.<