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It is the rate of change of a variable.

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Q: What is gradient in mathematics?
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Meaning of m in mathematics?

well i am assunming you mean 'm' in linear graphs. it means the gradient in the linear equation y=mx+c.

What is the difference in the concentration of a substance across a space is called concentration?

Concentration Gradient

What is the gradient of a triangle?

find the gradient

What is the gradient on mercury?

The answer depends on the gradient of WHAT!

What is gradient ratio?

what do you mean by gradient of a scalar field? what do you mean by gradient of a scalar field?

How do you work out the gradient of a perpendicular line?

basically the reciprocal of the original lines gradient is going to be the gradient for the perpendicular line (remember the signs should switch). For example if i had a line with the gradient of 3, then the gradient of the perpendicular line will be -1over3. But if the line had the gradient of -3, then the line perpendicular to that line will have the gradient 1over3.

What has the author Simon S Clift written?

Simon S. Clift has written: 'Weighted graph based ordering techniques for preconditioned conjugate gradient methods' -- subject(s): Combinatorial analysis, Computational grids, Conjugate gradient method, Graph theory, Heuristic methods, Mathematical models, Matrices (Mathematics), Partial Differential equations

What is the Danube river's gradient?

Danube river gradient

How do you write a sentence using gradient?

these tiles are gradient.

How do you find the gradient of a parabola?

(-1.5,0) (1.5,0) what is the gradient?

How to calculate the gradient from the non linear graph?

Draw a tangent to the curve at the point where you need the gradient and find the gradient of the line by using gradient = up divided by across

How do you calculate gradient?

Gradient= Vertical gain / Horizontal distance Hope this helps ;P