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Half of 14 equals 7.

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Q: What is half of 14 equals?
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What does 14 time one half equals?

7 because 14/2 is 7

One half ounce equals?

Approximately 14 grams.

One half of n diminished by six equals one?

n = 14 half of 14 is 7 and 7 minus 6 is 1

If Y equals one half and X equals -14 find Y?

y = 1/2

What is 11 and a half stone in pounds?

1 stone equals 14 lbs so 11 stone times 14 is 154 lbs, add on the 7 lbs (the half stone) and you have 161 pounds.

What is half times four times seven?

2 times 7 is 14,because half of 4 is 2 and you times 2 and 7 which equals to 14

How big is 14mm?

14 mm equals .55 inches. People with average sized hands have fingers that are around half an inch wide.

How many acres are 14 tumoli?

Fourteen turmoil equals to 2 and half aches. That equals out to be about 5 turmoil to an acre.

Three more than half of a number equals ten What is the number?


If 10 feet equals 14 inches how many inches will 5 and a half feet make?

10 feet does not equal 14 inches. 10 feet equals 120 inches, so five and a half feet equal 66 inches.

How many pounds is 7 and a half stone?

There are 14 pounds in 1 stone. There are 7 pounds in a half stone.Therefore:7 x 14 equals 98 pounds + 7 pounds equals 105 pounds in total.Seven and a half stones should be 105 pounds since there are 14 pounds per stone.

How much does a half ounce of meth weigh?

a half ounce

Is a half cup of grapefruit equals to a half of a grapefruit?

You got it ! - Half cup of grapefruit definitely equals half cup of grapefruit

What is the area of a rectangle whose width is half the length if the length is 14 feet?

14ft times 7ft equals 98

Find the area of an equilateral triangle with side length 14?

u do 3*14(the side length.) so the perimeter equals 42. then u take half of 14 (which is 7) so then ur apothem equals 7. so u do A= 1/2* 7*42 = 147

What is six sevenths plus one half?

6/7 can be made into 12/14, and 1/2 can be made into 7/14. 12 plus 7 equals 19, so the answer is 19/14, or 1 and 5/14

What weight is a stone?

One stone equals 14 pounds.One stone equals 14 pounds.One stone equals 14 pounds.One stone equals 14 pounds.One stone equals 14 pounds.One stone equals 14 pounds.

What is -14 equals?

Strangely enough, it equals exactly -14.

How much is 9 and a half stone in pounds?

There are 14 pounds in 1 stone. There are 7 pounds in a half stone.Therefore:9 x 14 equals 126 pounds + 7 pounds equals 133 pounds in total.

Half pint equals how many oz?

Half of a pint equals 8oz.

What equals 1 half pint?

1 cup equals half a pint

How much Half ounce equals tablespoons?

half an ounce equals a tablespoon

How many pounds in eighteen and a half stone?

There are 14 pounds in 1 stone. Therefore, 14 x 18 equals 252 pounds, + the 7 pounds in the half stone makes it:259 pounds in total.

What is the area of a rhombus if ac equals 14 bd equals 17 and ab equals 11?

The 2 lengths that you described are diagonals. The area of a rhombus when you know the diagonals is half the product of the diagonalsIn your case, that's 14 x 17 / 2 = 119

What is 448 divided by 32?


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