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one trillion is 1 with 12 zero's after it, a Googol is a one with one hundred zeros after it

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Q: What is in between 1 trillion and 1 googol?
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What is googol not Google?

-- 1 googol is a number. -- To write 1 googol, you must write the number 1 with 100 zeros after it. -- In scientific notation, 1 googol is 1 x 10100 . -- You can build 1 googol out of more familiar (but equally incomprehensible) numbers. 1 googol = 10 thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillions .

What comes after one googol-plex?

To write a googolplex down, you would have to make a one, followed by ten thousand trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, trillion, zeroes. There are no named numbers past googol plex, but you could write 'googol plex and one, googol plex and two,' and so on.

What is trillion billion clubs?


What can you call the powers of ten that are between a trillion and a googol?

Any number between 10 and 99 most likely.

Is there a number higher than Google that starts with S?

The number is spelled "googol." Of course there is. Seven googol, seventeen googol, seventy googol ...

What is the next number group higher than a trillion?

quadrillion then quintillion then googol with 1 and 100 zeroes

What is the difference between googol and googolplex?

A googol is 10^100. A googolplex is 10^googol

What do you call a number with 1 hundred digits?

A number between a tenth of a googol and a googol or a duotrigintillion.

What number is 100 digits?

Any number between a googol/10 and a googol minus 1.

What number is after 1 googol?

The integer successor to 1 googol is "1 googol 1".

What numbers are larger than a billion?

trillion, qaudrillion, googol, quintrillion

What is the number 1 followed by 87 zeros?

This number can be considered as: -- 1087 -- 10-13 googol -- One thousand trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion trillion -- (1029) cubed -- 10 times [ (1043) squared ] In American nomenclature, it is called octovigintillion. In European nomenclature, it is called quattuordecilliard.