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The two numbers multiplied are called the multiplier and the multiplicand. The result is the product. So multiplicand x multiplier = product

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is it called when the number doing the multiplying in a multiplication problem?
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The first number in a multiplication problem is called the?

what is the first number in a multipacation problem called

The first number in a multiplication problem is called?

The multiplicand

Is the product for multiplication or addition?

A number being multiplied is the "multiplicand"; the number doing the multiplying is the "multiplier", and the answer is called the, "product".

What does product mean in a maths way?

The product is the answer to a multiplication problem i.e. the number we get after multiplying two numbers is called their product for ex. in 7x4=28 The product is 28

What is 2741x963?

The answer to the multiplication problem for what 2,741 times 963 equals to 2,639,583. This is solved when multiplying 2,741by the smaller number 963.

What is the number being added in a multiplication problem called?

Numbers in a multiplication problem aren't added. In a multiplication sentence, the multiplicand times the multiplier equals the product.

How can you tell whether the product of a multiplication problem will be odd or even?

You can tell it will be even when the number you are multiplying has a 2 4 6 8. You can tell it will be odd when the number you are multiplying has a 1 3 5 7.

How do you get 214 in multiplication?

A person can get to 214 in multiplication by multiplying 2 by 107. Multiplication is the process by which one number is scaled by another to produce a greater number.

What is the definition of multiplication of identity?

The Identity Property of Multiplication means multiplying a number by 1 will equal that number. The value will not change.

What The first number in a multiplication problem is called the The second number is called the The answer is called the?

multiplicand times multiplier equals product

What is factoring multiplication?

Factor multiplication is the process of multiplying prime factors. The product of factor multiplication is the number that the prime factors are multipilicands of.

What is the second number to a multiplication problem called?

The first is the multiplicand the second is the multiplier.

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