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A number being multiplied is the "multiplicand"; the number doing the multiplying is the "multiplier", and the answer is called the, "product".

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Q: Is the product for multiplication or addition?
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Is a product a result from addition or multiplication?

A product is multiplication.

What does product go with addition subtraction multiplication or division?

product goes with multiplication

Is a product what you get after adding?

No, a product is the result from multiplication. A sum is the result of addition.

What is a sum and product?

A sum is an answer to an addition problem and a product is an answer to a multiplication problem

What is the answer of addition multiplication subtaction?

sum, product, difference

What is the product rule of probabilty?

"and" means multiplication "or" means addition

Do you do multiplication when it asks for the total?

Total or sum total is usually addition. Multiplication is product.

How a product and a sum are alike and how they are different?

A product is the answer of a multiplication equation. A sum is the answer of an addition equation.

How is a product and a sum alike?

A product is the result of multiplication, and a sum is the result of addition. Multiplication and addition are alike in that multiplication is really just repeated addition. For example, to multiply 3x5 is the same as 3+3+3+3+3 or 5+5+5. These will all result in either the product of 15 or the sum of 15.

Does product and sum mean the same?

No - the product of numbers is the answer to a multiplication sum, while the sum of numbers is the answer to an addition sum.

What do you do to find product of two numbers?

You multiply them. Addition = sum Subtraction = difference Multiplication = product Division = quotient

The answer to a multiplication problem is the?

When two variables are multiplied, the result is called a product. When they are divided, it is a quotient. Addition results in a sum and subtraction results in a difference.