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Squaring the Circle

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Q: What is it called when you use a compass and a straightedge to construct a square exactly equal in area to a given circle?
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What is it called when you use a compass and straightedge to construct a square exactily equal in area to a given circle?

Wishful thinking! This has been proved impossible many, many decades ago but some non-coms apparently still try!

What is a instrument used to construct circles and arcs circles in math?

It is "a pair of compasses" - usually called a compass.

What is it called when you construct a square exactly equal in area to a circle?


Why is the golden compass called the golden compass?

its called that because it is a compass that is golden

What is the moveable bar in a compass called?

A compass magnet or a compass needle.

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A "straightedge" person was originally someone who didn't do any of the following; * take/use drugs * drink any alcohol * smoke * have sex * eat dairy products * eat meat now-a-days, most kids call themselves straightedge if they don't do the top 3 in the list, and any kids that don't do anything in the list are called "hardcore straight-up straightedge kids" Answer A straightedge is a piece of wood or plastic to help in drawing straight lines. A ruler is a straightedge, but a straightedge may not be a ruler. Both have a straight edge, certainly, but a ruler also has marked gradations for measuring things.

What is that movie called where animals are your soul?

The Golden Compass.

What are the four points on a compass called?

The cardinal points of the compass are North, East, South and West. Another name for them is the cardinal directions.

What is the compass smybol on the map called?

An orientation or compass rose Your welcome for the tip!

What is the French name for compass?

a compass is called "une boussole" (fem.) in French.

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