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Any number where the numerator is smaller than the denominator is less than one. If the numerator is equal to the denominator (for example, 6/6), that number is equal to one. If the numerator is greater than the denominator, then the number is greater than one.

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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

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The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: What is larger five-sixths or one whole?
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What is larger five sixths or one whole?

One whole

Is 2 over 2 larger than one whole?

2 over 2 is equal to 1. It is not larger than one whole.

Is four fifths larger than a whole?

No, four fifths is not larger than a whole. A whole is one, and 4/5ths is 4 parts out of 5, or 1 part out of 5 lessthan 1.

Which is the largest whole number?

There is no such number. According to Peano's axioms for numbers, every whole number has a successor. That is, for every whole number, there exists another whole number that is one more. So the successor of any number is a larger whole number. And then, the successor of that is larger still, and so on.

What is the name for a number expressed as one number divided by a larger number?


How many two thirds are in a whole?

You can only get one 2/3 out of a whole, since two times two thirds is four thirds which is one and a third, hence, larger than a whole.

How are comparing and ordering whole numbers and decimals similar?

They are similar because when you compare decimals you say the larger one has more value so the decimal is larger like in comparing whole numbers the number that has more value is larger. So they are very similar.

Which is bigger a whole number or an absolute number?

Neither. For any whole number there is an absolute number which is larger and for any absolute number there is a whole number which is larger.

What happens when you divide a whole number by a fraction larger than one?

The result could be a whole number or a fraction. But whatever it is, it's smaller than the original whole number.

What does larger consecutive integer mean?

It means the next larger whole number.

Can a remainder be larger than the whole number?

No, if you have a remainder larger than your whole number, you must have divided incorrectly. very good

What is it called when one number can be divided by another and the result is an exact whole number?

The smaller number is a factor of the larger number, and the larger number is a multiple of the smaller.

What is a microcomunity?

It is a community(with biotic and a-biotic features) inside of a larger community. For example one plant in the whole garden.

What did the snake represent as a whole?

The whole point of the cartoon was to unite the colonies under one banner so they could take down the larger menace, the British Empire.

Is 0.05 greater than 0.57?

Since the whole numbers are the same (both are zero), take a look at the first decimal digit. The one that has the larger digit is the larger number.

If you Compare 45 and 0.55 which will be larger?

The largest number is 45, which is a whole number. The decimal 0.55 is only a small part of a whole number.

The function of models in science?

To illustrate something in larger or smaller scale so one can easily visualize the whole picture

What state is larger in the whole California?

Alaska is the largest state.

To draw away a small portion from a larger whole is to?


Smallest whole number larger than 110?


How is a numerator related to a factor?

They are both parts of a larger whole.

Does the set of whole numbers is larger than the set of natural numbers?

If you mean larger by "the set of whole numbers strictly contains the set of natural numbers", then yes, but if you mean "the set of whole numbers has a larger cardinality (size) than the set of natural numbers", then no, they have the same size.

Why is the answer larger when you multiply a whole number by a whole number and smaller when you multiply a whole number by a proper fraction?

It is larger because the two whole numbers form a greater, larger number when multiplpied together. It is smaller when u multiply a whole number by a fraction because a fraction is a decimal and u get a smaller number when multiplying a number like 1/7 of 5

Are fractions with whole numbers larger than a regular fraction?

Mixed numbers are larger than proper fractions.

What is the estimation of 1.205?

If you have an exact number what is the need for an estimate?To the nearest whole number, it is 1; to the nearest ten (or larger) it is 0.If you have an exact number what is the need for an estimate?To the nearest whole number, it is 1; to the nearest ten (or larger) it is 0.If you have an exact number what is the need for an estimate?To the nearest whole number, it is 1; to the nearest ten (or larger) it is 0.If you have an exact number what is the need for an estimate?To the nearest whole number, it is 1; to the nearest ten (or larger) it is 0.