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Q: What is less than 1000 the sum of the digit is26 and the ones digit is eight?
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Is the smallest 3digit is 1000?

The smallest 3 digit counting number less than 1000?? 100

What is 1023 to the nearest hundred?

The digit after the hundreds digit is 2 which is less than 5, so the number rounds down: 1023 → 1000 to the nearest hundred.

What is the smallest 6 digit number that is less than 1000 000?


A number is less than 1000. The sum of its digits is 26. The ones digit is eight. The other two digits are identical. What is the number?

The number is 782. The sum of its digits is 7 + 8 + 2 = 17, not 26. Therefore, no such number exists that meets all the given conditions.

How many natural no less den 1000 can be formed from digit 012345 when a digit may be repeated any no times?

All of them. That is, 1,000 of them (including zero).

Is two and eight thousandths greater or less than two and eight tenths?

Less: 2+8/1000 v. 2+8/10

You are a three digit number. Your hundreds digit is eight less than your tens digit. Your tens digit is five more than your ones digit. What number are you?

194.There were actually two options, 194 and 083, but as it needs to be a three digit number, 194 is more fitting.

What is one thousand less than the biggest four- digit numbers?

9999 − 1000 = 8999

What is a three digit number that is less than one hundred fifty that is divisible by eight?

112 is less than 150 & is divisible by 8 ( 14 ).

Write a four digit number that rounds to 1000 when rounded to the nearest hundred?


What is 180370 to the nearest 1000?

180,000Find the thousands digit (0) and look at the next digit (3). If it's 5 or more, increase the thousands digit by one. If it's 4 or less, leave the thousands digit alone. Then replace all digits after the thousands by zeros.

My tens digit is 4 less than my thousand digit. My ones digit is twice my tens digit.My ten thousand digit is one less than my ones digit. my hundreds digit is the sum of my tens and thousand digit.?

I am a four digit number. My tens digit is 2 more than my ones digit. My hundreds and thousands digit are both 1 less than my ones digit. What number can i be?