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Q: What is measure of center on a box plot?
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Which measure of center is easiest to find on a box plot?

The median.

What are the whiskers of a box plot?

They are some measure of the dispersion or range of numbers in the set of data.

What does the upper quartile and lower quartile show in a box and whisker plot?

It is a measure of the spread of the variable. Also, in conjunction with the median, it gives a measure of the skewness.

Is a box and whisker plot the same as a regular box plot?


A box plot is also known as a box-and-mustache plot.?


A box plot is also known as a box-and-beard plot.?


What is an example for a box and whisker plot?

the example for the box and whisker plot is THESE NUTSS

How does the addition of a possible outlier on PLOT B affect the center of PLOT B relative to the center of PLOT A?

The answer will depend on what PLOT A and PLOT B are. But since you have chosen not to provide that information the answer is

Who does the action in a story center around?

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What is the plot behind Professor Layton and The Diabolical Box?

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How does a box plot help when displaying a distribution of data?

A box plot summarises 5 key indicators of a distribution: the median, minimum, maximum and the lower and upper quartiles. The first of these is a measure of the central tendency whereas the others, in pairs, give measures of the spread as well as skewness.

What do box and whisker plots tell you about data that measures of central tenancy do not?

The box and whisker plot informs you of the 5 number summary, which comprises of the minimum and maximum, the median, and the first and third quartiles. The minumum and maximum give you the range, which is not given by measures of central tendancy. also, if it a modified box and whisker plot, outliers will be marked separatley from the rest of the plot, outliers are also not included in the measures of center.