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much, much harder and much, much different i can tell u that

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Q: What is modern math?
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What is the different between traditional math with modern math?

It is different because modern math sometimes uses calculators and traditional math did not have calculators.I think that they used abacuses or other methods such as your fingers

What was Galileo's Galilei's nickname?

Father of modern scienceFather of modern astronomyFather of modern math

What is modein math?

There is no such thin as modein math. Suggestions: Mode in Math: The mode is the most frequently occurring number in a set of several numbers. Modern Math: Math as it is today.

What are the differences between ancient greek math and modern math?

its different because our math is more understanding than theirs i think

How math is being used in the war in Iraq?

In any modern war, math is used in ballistics.

How did ancient greek math influence on modern math today?

Greeks developed geometry to help teach logic. This is why we must do proofs in geometry.

Is mathematics important for geology?

Math is very important to modern geology. Any field in geology use math in one way or another.

How did people solve math problems before the modern calculator?

They used the abacus

How does modern warfare 2 use math?

The game uses math for when you get killstreaks. You have to count how many kills you got to see how many more you need for the reward. The is math in a way of algebra. The amount of kills you get and leveling up use math for the exp.

Should you do your math?

Almost certainly yes. Basic maths is unavoidable in modern life.

What if math didn't exist?

If math did not exist, you would not be reading these posts. All technology depends on math.

Do all careers need some sort of math?

Yes. We don't always notice the use of math, in the jobs we do, but all jobs involve the use of math in one form or another. We teach Math in school because in our modern world we do need to know some Math. However some careers need less difficult Math then others.

What has the author Peter Tannenbaum written?

Peter Tannenbaum has written: 'Excursions in modern mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics 'Excursions in modern mathematics' -- subject(s): Mathematics 'Excursions in Modern Math'

Do you have to have good math skills to be a cashier?

No, although good mental math skills may make the job slightly easier, they are not nescessary. Modern cash registers have calculators built into them, so there is no longer any need to be good at mental math.

How did World War 2 impact modern day civilization?

i don't know yet isn't that math

What is the most important study?

Math is the most important study because everything in this modern world is related and uses math.Without there would have nothing.I wonder how would this world be without math.

Who came up with math?

I guess people just formed it since cuneform and trading started. Then as people became smarter and more advanced learners, math became more modern as well.

What is difference between vedic math and modern math?

vedic maths is the maths which we got from vedas.from the vedas vedic maths came into extent.maths is ntng bt which cme from a part of vedic maths.

Is math needed in todays society?

It certainly is, and will probably always be. Math can be compared to a logical language. Also, it is needed when building structures, programming, and very much needed in the modern science of physics.

What is modern college algebra?

Modern College Algebra is is basically from Freshman (High School) to Senior year math, such as Pre Cal Algebra 1 & 2 and some geometry not much

Why is albert Einstein's math important?

Einsteins math was deplorable he barely staggered through it with help from many of his peers. His derived equations are the foundation of our current knowledge of the universe and the basis for modern computing theory.

How did people know about math?

They created it probably by trial and error. It took thousands of years for civilizations to perfect modern mathematics.

What is Pythagoras most famous for doing in math?

1) his most famous and used therom in math the Pythagoras therom @ @ C^2 = A^2 +B^2 @ @ The discovery of the modern octave scale used in music

What are some modern uses of math that you use today?

techology cooking walking shooping and everyday things like the one i listed .

Is it math or math?