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- 2/10 equals - 0.2

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Q: What is negative 2 as a decimal?
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Related questions

When converting a negative fraction into a decimal is the decimal positive or negative?

The decimal would be negative. Ex: -2/3 is -0.67

What does a negative decimal plus a negative decimal equal?

A negative decimal plus a negative decimal equals a more negative decimal

What is negative eighteen ninths as a decimal?

It is -2.

How do you write negative 2 as A decimal?


How do you cover a negative fraction into a terminating decimal?

A negative fraction need not be a terminating decimal. For example, -2/3 = -0.66... (repeating).

What is negative 5 and 1 half as a decimal?

-5 and a 1/2 as a decimal is -5.5

What is negative 4 divided by negative 4 as a decimal?


How do you change a negative decimal to scientific notations?

You will have a negative decimal. For example, -754 in scientific notation is -7.54*10^2.

What is negative 5 over 2 as a decimal?


What is negative 2 over 5 as a decimal?


What is negative 2 and 3 4ths as a decimal?


How do you convert negative decimal number to binary?

First forgot negative sign and convert decimal number to binary and then make it's 2's compliment. It will give you exactly binary number of that negative decimal number.

What is negative 1 and 2 over 25 as a decimal?


What is negative 24 over 12 in decimal form?


Is it possible to have negative decimal numbers?

yes, it is possible to have a negative decimal.

Are nagative numbers always numbers decimal negative?

Any number, negative or positive, can be expressed as a decimal number. So a negative number can always be expressed as a negative decimal.

What is negative twenty-four over twelve in decimal form?


What is negative 3 decimal 2 as a improper fraction?

It is - 32/10.

Is a decimal and negative numbers odd or even?

Decimal are not. But negative numbers can be odd or even.

What is negative 0.9 into a decimal?

-0.9 is a decimal.

Write this rational number in decimal form negative 1over 2?


Is it possible to have negative decimal points?

Decimal points aren't positive or negative. Decimals can be either.

What is negative seven and one twentieth as a decimal?

negative seven and one twentieth as a decimal = -7.05

Can a decimal be a positive number?

A decimal can be a positive or negative number.

Is a negative decimal equal to a positive decimal?

always because it is just the same # but positive or negative