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Definition Sum of disbursement float and collection float.

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Q: What is net float?
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A firm prefer net collection or disbursement float?

Net disbursement float is more desirable because the bank thinks the firm has more money than it actually does, and the firm is therefore receiving interest on funds it has already spent.

Why do whales float better in salt water?

Salt water is denser than fresh water, giving a higher net buoyancy force upward from the bottom of the whale, allowing it to float better. This applies to anything; the more dense the medium, the easier it is to float on it.

Some of the tools used for fishing?

Rod ,reel ,line ,float ,hook , lead shot ,net ,bait and disgorger.

Will Uranus float on water?

uranus floats in water because the only reason is that the net forc e on it is zero thats why it floats icn water . The net force of mg will balanced by buoyancy force of water... thankyu jai hind

Does Mercury float?

No it will not float, iron doesnt float in it. therefore it will not float.

Do just black people have Negative buoyancy?

Virtually all human beings have a net density that is slightly less than 1, allowing them to float in water.

Does slate float or sink?


Do clothes float or sink?

it will float as long as it is not fully covered water.

What are the types of floats in swimming?

Turtle foat Superman float Starfish float Jack Hammer float Jellyfish float Deadman's float

Do beef bones sink or float?

float dawg, float

How do catamarans float?

they do not float

What can float in the water?

A boat can float on the water, and a submarine can float in the water.

Do you float on Venus?

If you were to go there you would either float...or not float. You choose;)

Why does an egg float?

an egg float because of the weight of the water makes it float

C programming percentages?

float percent = ((float)CurrentItems / (float)MaxItems);

Does gasoline float?

yes it does float because it has less density. Therefore it will float.

Does a bowling balls float?

No, they are not bouyant. They won't float on water, but they will float on mercury.

What is something that will sink float sink or float sink float?


Is Float to float casting in java possible?

It is possible in JDK 1.5 and above. In JDK 1.4, you also cast the Float value into float value by using casting. For exampe in JDK 1.5, its possible float f = 12; Float ff = f; but in JDK 1.4, you will use casting i.e float f = 12; Float ff = (float)f;

How do swimming float float?

By Its Buoyance.

How does a balloon float?

It has helium in it to float!

Does iron float?

Iron does float .

Can sheep float?

No, sheep do not float.

Does grapefruit float?

A grapfruit does float

Does feldspar float in water?

no,it does not float