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One and a half as a percentage is 150%

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Q: What is one and a half as a percentage?
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Related questions

What is one half as a percentage?

One half is 50%

What percentage is one in a half?

One and a half equals 150%

What is the percentage of one and one half?

One and a half times is equivalent to 150% increase.

What percentage is one half?

As a percentage 1/2 = 50%

One half of the proof?

One half of the proof is the percentage. 100 proof alcohol is 50% or half alcohol.

How do you write one-half as a percentage?

One half is 50 out of 100 so it is 50 percent.

How do you say 1 half in percentage?

1 half in percentage = 1/2% (one-half percent)

What percentage goes with one half?

the answer is 50

What is half as an percentage?

half as a percentage is 50%

100 is what percentage of 200?

50% (one half)

What is the percentage of two and one half?

2.5 = 250%

What twelve and a half percentage of one kg?


How would you write one half as a percentage?


What percentage of a radioactive element will be left after 1 half-life?

After one half-life, 50%, or one-half of a radioactive element will be left.

After three half-lifes what percentage of the original radioactive element will remain?

12.5% One half life is one half of the mass. One half life is 50%, One half of 50% is 25%, and one half of 25% is 12.5% of the original mass.

What is one half written in as a percentage?

1/2 = 50%

What does 1half eqal n percentage?

One half = 50%

What percentage of golfers can shoot under par?

less then one half of one percent

What percentage of people born in 1940 are still alive?

one half

What is 3 sixths as a percentage?

Three sixths is simplified into one half, or 50%.

If your father is one half Sioux what percentage American Indian are you?


The federal government constitutes approximately what percentage of the US economy?

one half

What is a percentage between one half and three fourth?

Anything from 51% to 74%.

What is one divided by two as a percentage?

(1 ÷ 2) × 100 = 50% (a half)

What is half but in a percentage?

50% is half of something.