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A tetrahedron is a polyhedron with four sides (tetra means 4) that are triangles. So one fourth of a tetrahedron is a triangle.

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Q: What is one fourth of a tetrahedron?
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What is the name of the Platonic solid for which each face has a one-fourth probability of turning up when it is rolled?


How many solids does a tetrahedron have?

One: a tetrahedron is a single solid.

What are the ratios of edge length of one small tetrahedron to the large tetrahedron?

The ratios are "small to large".

What is the molecular geometry of PF3?

In a molecule of phosphorus fluoride, the phosphorus atom is in the center, and it is surrounded by the three fluoride atoms which are arranged at three of the four points of a tetrahedron. (The fourth point of the tetrahedron contains an electron pair from the phosphorus atom.)

What you a tetrahedron?

I am not a tetrahedron!

A tetrahedron has one pair of parallel faces?


What shape has 4 faces which are congrugent triangles?

A four faced figure is a tetrahedron. If they are all congruent triangles, they are all equilateral triangles and it is a regular tetrahedron - one of the 5 Platonic Solids.

What polyhedron has only one triangular base?

A tetrahedron.

What is a tetrahedron shape?

A pyramid with a triangle as base is considered as a tetrahedron. It is a three dimensional polyhedron with 4 equilateral triangles as its sides. If one would look at the word tetrahedron, it literally means "with four planes".

Does a tetrahedron have parrallel faces?

No. The faces of a tetrahedron are equilateral triangles, but none of the faces is parallel to another one of the faces -- they could not be parallel, since by the definition of a tetrahedron, all the faces intersect(!) and parallel planes do not intersect.

How sides does a tetrahedron has?

A tetrahedron has 4 faces.

What is a 3D shape that is a tetrahedron?

Well, a tetrahedron has four sides. A regular tetrahedron is a triangular pyramid.