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Minus one tenth.

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Q: What is one half minus one fifths?
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Related questions

What is twelve fifths minus one half?

Two and Two Fifths

What is the answer to one and one half minus three fifths?


What is four fifths minus one half?

0.3 or 3/10

What is 4 fifths minus one half?

4/5 minus 1/2 = 3/10

What is two fifths minus one?

minus three fifths

What is one half minus two fifths?

one tenths

What does 4 and one fifth minus two and three fifths equal?

Call it 21 fifths minus 13 fifths, ie 8 fifths which is one-and-three-fifths

What is eight and one half minus four and three fifths?

3 9/10.

What is nine and nine tenths minus five and one-half?

4 and two fifths

What is one whole minus two fifth?

One whole minus two fifths is three fifths.

What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

What is one minus two fifths?

three fifths

What is one minus three fifths?

two fifths

What is negative three and a half minus one and four fifths?

Negative 5 and three tenths.

What is fifteen minus one fifths?

Fourteen and four fifths.

What is the difference of 4 and three tenths minus 2 and four fifths?

The difference is 1 and one half.

What is 3 sevenths minus 2 fifths?

We convert it into thirty-fifths. That gives 15 thirty-fifths minus 14 thirty-fifths which is one thirty fifth.

What is nine and one fifths minus two and three fifths?

six and three fifths

What does four fifths minus one fifths equal?

4/5 minus 1/5 = 3/5

What is one and a half minus one and a half?

One and a half minus one and a half is zero.

What is one and two fifths minus three fifths?

It is the same as: 7/5 minus 3/5 = 4/5

What is the answer for two wholes minus three fifths?

One whole and two fifths

What is six fifths minus one?

one fifth

What is three in 3 fifths minus 1 half?

3 and 1/10

What is 5 and one half - 2 and two fifths?

5 and one half - 2 and two fifths = 3

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