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Its exponent: which is -6.

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Q: What is one negative about micro?
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How many micro-liters are in one liter?

Microliters at 10 to the negative 6 liters, therefore in one liter there are 10 to the 6th microliters.

What decimal power does the abbreviation micro represent?

It is the power of negative 6.

How many micro in one meter?

1,000,000. "Micro-" means one millionth.

What is the opposite of micro?

The opposite of micro is "macro." (large size) The opposite prefix of micro- (one millionth) is mega- (one million).

What prefix means 10 to negative 6 power?

Millionth is the name for the power of 10 to the negative 6 power. The prefix for this is micro.

How many micro amps equals 1 amp?

The prefix 'micro' means, one millionth. So there are one million micro amps in one amp

What is smaller a milliliter or micro liter?

A micro liter. A milliliter is one thousand micro liters.

What charger can charge a Game Boy micro?

a gameboy micro one

How many Kelvin are there in one micro-kelvin?

When you're talking about units, there are 1 million micro-anythings in a whole one, so one micro-anything contains one millionth (0.000001) of a whole one.

In excel Which one of the following is an appropriate name for micro?

In excel Which one of the following is an appropriate name for micro?

How many micro seconds equal to one second?

1000000 micro s

How many micro meters are in a meter?

1,000,000. "Micro-" means one millionth.

How small is one micro in scientific notation?

1 micro = 10-6.

How many micro sec in a sec?

"Micro" always means "one thousand". There are 1,000 microseconds in one second.

Why does negative one to the fourth power equal negative one?

It doesn't. Negative one to an even power equals positive one. Negative one to an odd power equals negative one.

What fraction is micro mean in the metric system?

micro is one millionth (1/1000000)

How many micro milligram in 1 mg?

micro = one millionths so a million of them.

Negative one plus negative one equals what?

negative two

What is the reciprocal of negative one?

negative one. 1/1 = 1 a positive/negative = negative

How many zeros in 1 micro million?

The term micro is used to mean one millionth, so one millionth of a million is one. No zeroes.

What is a negative one added to a negative one?

a +

What is negative 6 plus one times negative one?

Negative seven is.

How do you add positive and negative fractions?

-- Remember which one was positive and which was negative, then forget about the signs.-- Write down the one that was positive-- Subtract from it the one that was negative(Notice that if the negative one was bigger, then the answer will be negative.)

Where can one find Trend Micro PC antivirus?

If you are looking to protect your computer against viruses, one of the best antivirus programs to get is Trend Micro PC Antivirus. One can purchase this program online directly from the Trend Micro website.

What is the negative of'one'?

The negative of one is -1. In grammar, the negative pronoun which corresponds to the pronoun 'one' is 'no one.'