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minus one fifteenth (-1/15)

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Q: What is one thirds subtracted by two fifths?
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What is two and two thirds divided by one and three fifths?

Two and two thirds divided by one and three fifths = 12/3

What is greater four fifths or two thirds?

four fifths is greater than two thirds four fifths is 80% Two thirds is 66.666666666666666666666666666 etc.

7 and one third subtracted by 2 and two thirds equals?


What is the awnsr for two thirds plus one fifths?

Thirteen fifths

What is the common denominator for two thirds plus four fifths?

15 and two thirds plus four fifths = one two fiftenth

What is two fifths subtracted from two fifths?

Zero! (0)

Which is larger two fifths or one third?

two thirds

What is four thirds divided by two fifths?

Four thirds divided by two fifths equals ten thirds.

Is two fifths an equivalent fraction of one thirds?


Which is bigger the fraction two thirds or three fifths?

Two thirds is greater than three fifths.

What is four fifths times one and two thirds times one and one eighths?

Four fifths times one and two thirds times one and one eighth = 1 1/2 or 1.5

What is the LCD of two thirds and two fifths and eight fifths?


What is two-thirds of two-fifths?


What is greater two thirds two fifths or three tenths?

two thirds

What is one and two thirds divided by one and three fifths?


What is three eighths two thirds and four fifths from least to greatest?

three eighths, two thirds, four fifths.

What is seven inches and one fifth subtracted by six inches and two fifths?


What is the answer to nine and two thirds minus seven and three fifths?

Two and one fifteenth.

Which is greater two fifths or four sixths?

Four sixths is bigger. Since if you simplify four sixths is equivalent to two thirds. So two thirds is bigger than two fifths, just like one half is bigger than two thirds.

What is the equivalent to two thirds?

for fifths

What is seven and one ninths subtracted by four and two thirds?

2 and 2/3

What is two-thirds subtracted by 1 equal?

Negative one third or -0.333

What is two and two thirds subtracted by one fourth?

Convert to a common denominator (in this case 12), then do the subtraction.

Is two thirds bigger than four fifths?

No. Two-thirds is (16 and 2/3 percent) less than four-fifths.

Why is two thirds larger than four fifths why?

Two thirds is not larger than four fifths. It's almost 17% smaller.